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    Registration and refreshments

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    Welcome address

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    Opening keynote

    Tra H. Le, Acting Chairman, Board of Directors, HOCHIMINH STOCK EXCHANGE
    Introduced by: Steve Okun, CEO, APAC Advisors & ASEAN Representative, EMPEA

  • 09:30

    LP-GP panel: The view on Vietnam

    Investors are starting to look more positively towards Vietnam compared to other ASEAN markets. The growth of public markets is one factor in Vietnam’s attractiveness, in addition to the lower costs of capital for foreign investors. On the governance front, companies in Vietnam are slowly getting to a level where they are open to more due diligence and transparency. The Government is also playing its part with reforms, privatisation efforts, and the lifting of foreign ownership restrictions.

    • How can investors turn long-term potential into reality?
    • Where are the opportunities in PE and VC?
    • What are the main risks concerning LPs?
    • How does the capital markets environment compare with rest of the region?
    • How have GPs sourced exit routes, and when should this process start?
    • Where does Vietnam rank among other markets in ASEAN?

    Moderated by: Jeff Olson, Joint Managing Partner-Vietnam, HOGAN LOVELLS
    Paul DiGiacomo, Managing Director, BDA PARTNERS
    Andy Ho, Chief Investment Officer, VINACAPITAL
    Kyle Kelhofer, Vietnam Country Manager, IFC
    Pete Vo, Managing Director, CVC CAPITAL PARTNERS

  • 10:30

    Networking coffee break

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  • 11:00

    Unlocking Mekong’s potential

    With a population of 240 million and strong economic growth, the Mekong region is slowly but surely catching the eyes of investors trying to conquer the emerging and frontier markets in the region. Inbound investments from Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia as well cross-border activities within Mekong are on continuous rise, enabling growth and driving investment. A panel of investors will discuss the opportunities the region provides: 

    • How investors view Mekong as an investment destination?
    • What are the dynamics in the marketplace?
    • Is the region one homogenous market or country by country approach is needed?
    • What is driving cross-border deals?
    • What is the impact of One Belt One Road on the investment in the region?

    Moderated by: Bert Kwan, Managing Director, NORTHSTAR GROUP
    Nguyen Cong Ai, Partner, KPMG
    Geetali Kumar, Senior Investment Officer, DEG
    Stanley Nguyen, Senior Vice President, CENTRAL GROUP

  • 11:45

    Fireside chat

    Interviewer: Tim Burroughs, Managing Editor, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL
    Interviewee: Rohan Monga, Head of International, GO-JEK

  • 12:30

    Networking lunch

  • 13:30

    Value creation in Vietnam: Lessons learnt

    In a highly practical session, a panel of CEOs from a number of portfolio companies, in addition to leading PE and VC executives, will share their experiences, observations, and tips on how they effectively built their companies, realised the growth potential, overcame the challenges they faced, and the lessons learnt from the process.

    • At what stage in the growth of the organisation did the PE/VC partner come on board?
    • How does PE and VC influence, collaborate, and deliver success to the company?
    • How important is the control issue, and how are decisions taken at an executive level that shape the direction of the business?
    • How did they manage to scale the business? 
    • What hurdles did they face working with an external partner, and how did they develop a strategy to ensure a fruitful and trusting relationship?

    Moderated by: Nguyen Cong Ai, Partner, KPMG
    David Ireland, Senior Partner, NAVIS
    Khanh Ngo, Director of Finance and Corporate Development,TIKI CORPORATION
    Henry Nguyen, Managing General Partner, IDG VENTURES VIETNAM
    Chad Ovel, Partner, MEKONG CAPITAL
    Xiaolin Zheng, Investment Director, JD.COM

  • 14:15

    Healthcare and education in the spotlight

    With the Government making healthcare one of its top national priorities, and because of strong demand for education from a rapidly emerging middle class, it is easy to see why these two sectors are attracting significant interest among investors. Local and international firms alike are already active in the space, and it is only the beginning in terms of capturing the opportunities that these two promising sectors provide. 

    • What is the state of play in the healthcare and education sectors with regard to supply versus demand?
    • What Government policies and initiatives are enabling the sectors?
    • What lessons can be learned from similar investments across Asia?
    • What impact is technology having on healthcare and education business models?

    Moderated by: Joseph Khoo, Vice President, Direct Investments, PARTNERS GROUP (SINGAPORE) PTD. LTD.
    Marcel van Miert, Executive Chairman, VIETNAM AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
    Mun Kit Pan, Director, TAEL PARTNERS
    Dirk van Quaquebeke, Managing Partner, BEENEXT

  • 15:00

    Networking coffee break

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  • 15:30

    Female entrepreneurs in the economy: Harnessing Vietnam’s human capital

    In PE, VC, the start-up ecosystem, and the broader corporate world, women are underrepresented and the gender gap is significant. This might be due to the nature of work, industry culture, or more likely a combination of both, as well as other factors. However, to unlock its future, Vietnam must tap into the massive potential of its female entrepreneurs and make economic growth inclusive. A panel of experts will discuss the current environment, challenges, and opportunities available to close the gender gap.

    • What factors have contributed to Vietnam having women in prominent leadership roles?
    • Are we seeing an evolution of women founders and corporate leaders?
    • How should firms nurture career progression to a senior level, and how can you attract and retain top talent?
    • What should the industry be doing to attract more women at the start of their career paths?

    Moderated by: Hang Do, Chief Operating Officer, SCOMMERCE
    Yen Do, Associate and Country Manager, IW Vietnam, PATAMAR CAPITAL
    Jessica Hilston, Founder, WOMEN OF VIETNAM
    Ha Lam, Co-Founder, TRIIP.ME

  • 16:00

    The role of VC in the digital economy

    With a large overseas population, coupled with a large raw talent pool, Vietnam is trying to position itself as a potential tech hub. The start-up ecosystem is gaining prominence, as the diaspora taps the local tech talent to create businesses targeting local markets. Vietnam is generating so-called “one plus” companies – active in their home market, plus overseas markets such as the US or Europe. 

    • How is the VC landscape developing?
    • Where do the strategic investors from North Asia fit into the ecosystem?
    • How do you scale consumer-focused technology-driven companies in Vietnam?
    • How important is private investment to the growth of these companies?

    Moderated by: Duc Tran, CEO, FPT VENTURES
    Lana Duong, Vice President, OPENSPACE VENTURES
    Binh Tran, Partner, 500 STARTUPS
    Hoang Duc Trung, Deputy Managing Director, VINACAPITAL

  • 16:45

    Close of conference and cocktail reception