AVCJ. It’s really the first conference, I would say. It was the first real forum where all the large LPs, our large LPs, came together and this was obviously before we raised our first fund, the first conference that we went to, and we thought that it was a terrific gathering.

Joseph Y. Bae, Co-President & Co-Chief Operating Officer, KKR

“AVCJ is one of the most important PE/VC conferences in Asia, providing excellent networking opportunities for both GPs and LPs, as well as topical panels providing insights from key thought leaders in the industry.”

David Chan, Portfolio Manager, MLC PRIVATE EQUITY

AVCJ outdid itself yet again, with the 2016 Forum attracting a broad mix of private equity participants from throughout the world. It is our pleasure to continue to support this event, as we have for many years, and I feel personally honoured to participate in the sessions.

H Chin Chou, Chief Executive Officer, MORGAN STANLEY PRIVATE EQUITY ASIA

"Once again AVCJ brought together timely content with an impressive cross-section of industry stakeholders.”

Alex Emery, Head of Asia, PERMIRA

My first memory of AVCJ is the November conference in HK. We were at one of the very first ones, probably in the mid to late 1990s. I think we first came here in 1996 or 1997.  We were just wide-eyed, trying to meet people, to understand things and learn from people. But certainly it was the magnet if you wanted to meet people and obtain industry knowledge.  The AVCJ Conference was THE place to come, so we made our first pilgrimage there when we were raising our first fund

Richard Folson, Representative Partner, ADVANTAGE PARTNERS

The conference offers an extremely valuable opportunity to hear from thought leaders and compare insights with GPs and fellow LPs. Given the breadth and quality of the attendees, it’s hard to replicate.

Edward J. Grefenstette, President / CEO and Chief Investment Officer, THE DIETRICH FOUNDATION

THE AVCJ conference is always a pinnacle of my year – it was sad not to see many old friends in person this year but nice to see them on screen and listen to their views in these new times for all of us. Thank you for putting together a great program.

Mounir Guen, Chief Executive Officer, MVISION STRATEGIC (ASIA) LIMITED

Impressive and dynamic gathering of Asia’s thought leaders.

Yup S. Kim, Senior Portfolio Manager, Private Equity and Special Opportunities, ALASKA PERMANENT FUND CORPORATION

"It was great to connect with our current and prospective clients through this gathering. Asia is of strategic importance to AlphaSights so I was glad to exchange perspectives on the latest trends in the due diligence space with global and regional peers and business partners." 

Johannes Koch, Global Head of Private Equity Practice, ALPHASIGHTS

"It was my great pleasure to open this year's AVCJ forum. It provided a nice platform for us to connect and share our views with market participants and thought leaders in the industry."

Edmond Lau, Senior Executive Director, HONG KONG MONETARY AUTHORITY

I look forward to the AVCJ conference, because it is always a collection of some of the best minds and some of the most interesting investors in the region.  As the markets are providing loads of opportunities these days, it will be interesting to hear the varieties of approaches people are taking and to share ideas with others at the conference.

Jonathan S. Lavine, Co-Managing Partner, BAIN CAPITAL

AVCJ is a premier annual gathering event for LPs and GPs alike and the consistently relevant and critical discussion topics attended by high quality speakers continue to make the event both enriching in terms of content and rewarding for networking. 

Jenny Lee, Managing Partner, GGV CAPITAL

"Despite the global challenges, AVCJ Hong Kong delivered yet another informative and productive conference this year -- full of insights from our industry’s leading lights. The turnout both in-person and online struck the right mix until we can all get back together again."

Pang Lee, Partner COOLEY, LLP

“AVCJ is the absolute premier gathering place for all the most senior leadership in the private equity and venture capital community, due in no small part to the tireless dedication and tremendous efforts of the AVCJ event team. AVCJ proves once and again that when the going gets tough, the tough get going as the 33rd Annual PE and VC forum was one of the best events of the year during one of the most challenging of circumstances.”

Thomas Lenehan, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY

I have always found AVCJ to be one of the most productive and informative conferences I attend before. There is always a good mix of different topics presented with great panels to share and exchange information and ideas. In addition, the networking events and contacts which I made over the years are tremendous resources and powerful tools to help me grow my team and organization.” 

Tony Liu, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, SHORELINE CAPITAL

“It was fabulous to see so many people physically at the AVCJ conference again. AVCJ continues to be the most relevant and well-attended conference for our industry; there is so much going on in and this is a great platform for us to discuss and hear about the latest issues affecting our businesses. The hybrid model was also executed seamlessly and in fact makes conferences more accessible and dynamic, in my view.”


“AVCJ Hong Kong has been a premier private equity industry event for several decades – not just in Asia, but globally. The AVCJ put together a high-quality program in 2019 that really captured the latest ideas and developments of our industry, coming at this exciting time for private equity investment in the region.”

Ming Lu, Head of Asia Pacific, KKR

“AVCJ is a great networking event and one of the most productive and insightful GP/LP conferences in Asia. I am very impressed by the quality of crowds and panels, and truly enjoyed sharing my thoughts with the world’s most influential leaders who brought the latest and most valuable ideas to the forum. Look forward to the continuous success of AVCJ”

John Ma, Managing Partner, CVCAPITAL

The AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum was an excellent networking experience for me, and educational in terms of markets that Ayala does not cover actively. I enjoyed working with my panelists and moderators and sharing stories on the Asia healthcare sector, the role of corporate venture capital, and the need to stay on top of technology. The attendance in this year’s (2017) event was impressive, with a wide breadth of PE firms, multifamily offices and VC investors.

Michael Montelibano, Head of Business Development, AYALA CORPORATION

For more than three decades the Asia Venture Forum has been a key event on every private equity investor’s calendar and it is certain to remain so for years to come.

David G Pierce, Managing Director and Head of Asia, HQ CAPITAL

The AVCJ Forum is a fixture in our firm’s calendar. It is an opportunity each year to feel the pulse of private equity in Asia and the meet LPs who have an interest in the region. The content is always relevant to the issues of the day and we value the opportunity to meet with and learn from other GPs.

Simon Pillar, Managing Director, PACIFIC EQUITY PARTNERS

I met through a number of acquaintances. He asked me to speak at the Asian Venture Capital Journal conference, the annual conference that was held in Hong Kong, and I began to do so and I spoke there for many many years in a row, and I enjoyed it. I thought it a very well-run organization and a very well-run publication.

David Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, THE CARLYLE GROUP

I have been coming to the AVCJ Forum for over 20 years. The reason I keep coming back is, firstly the content is very good, and it is a great opportunity to put a nger on the pulse of what is happening in this part of the world. Secondly, everyone is here, making it easy to catch up with managers, fellow investors and advisers.

Marcus Simpson, Global Head of Private Capital, QIC

For a cross-border oriented fund like Cornell Capital, the AVCJ conference provided invaluable on-the-ground perspective on the investing environment in Asia. We look forward to attending next year!

Stephen Trevor, Partner, CORNELL CAPITAL

I thought the production is seamless, the content is well-chosen and curated, and it was a really efficient way to get up to speed on all important matters.

Marcus Simpson, Founder, PMGS GLOBAL

"The AVCJ Forum is one of the most important global events for the private markets ecosystem. The hallmarks of every AVCJ event is that they are superbly organised, well-attended, and they provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn, engage and connect with GPs and LPs alike, both in person and online.

We’re proud to have co-sponsored both the Asia CFO/COO Forum and the 34th Annual Private Equity & Venture Forum in 2021, and we look forward to partnering with AVCJ on future events."