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    Opening keynote address

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    The outlook for private equity in Asia and beyond

    Has the private equity industry gone topsy-turvy? Record dry powder has pushed valuations to new highs, while fund sizes continue to grow larger – raising concerns over the volume of capital entering private markets. Fund managers, however, insist that they are no longer bound by traditional cycles, citing more diverse offerings, greater variety in fund terms and durations, and innovations in delivering returns. Leading investors contemplate this situation and predict what comes next.

    • How are global macroeconomics and geopolitics developments impacting investors’ sentiment?
    • How have the private markets developed in fundraising and investments in the past 12 months; and what new structures have entered the market?
    • What are the most significant product innovations; and how do they benefit GPs and LPs?
    • What will be the biggest changes for the industry in the next five years?
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    Networking break

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    Taiwanese private equity: Back on the map

    Private equity is rediscovering Taiwan again. After a few quiet years, investors are being drawn back by the opportunities created through generational succession, (the need for) corporate transformation, and the search for better growth in other markets. Despite that fact that successful execution, from sourcing deals to aligning interests and exiting profitably, remains a challenge, GPs have committed to several deals this year. Our panel of seasoned GPs discuss:

    • Where are the drivers of this newfound interest in Taiwan; and how can the most attractive opportunities be accessed?
    • Why have company founders turned towards private equity; and what are the best ways to align management?
    • How can private equity support industry consolidation and restructuring?
    • How can private equity help companies go global and access new markets without giving up core local business?
  • 11:45

    Harnessing technology in value creation

    Whether it is IoT, AI, big data, or blockchain, technological advances are redefining industries and catalysing business transformation – sometimes upending investment theses and value creation strategies. To deliver alpha, GPs must address disruption in different industries and harness the power of technology to drive operational improvement. Our industry experts discuss how private equity firms can help companies navigate technology shifts to create true value.

    • Which technologies are already impacting Taiwanese businesses; and which sectors present the greatest risks and rewards?
    • How can technology be factored into the initial investment thesis?
    • How has technology impacted value creation plans; and what are the specific examples?
    • What human talent is required at the fund and portfolio level; and will Taiwan take advantage of its human capital edge and proven tech R&D capabilities?
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    Networking lunch

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    Plenary address: Investing in the new dawn for renewable energy infrastructure

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    Funding the next generation of Taiwanese entrepreneurs

    The spirit of Taiwanese entrepreneurism is back. This time with a new generation of startups targeting the new digital economy. With its pool of smart entrepreneurs, a history of proven R&D and manufacturing capabilities, as well as public and private resources, Taiwanese startups are in an ecosystem that is fertile ground for success. Yet Taiwanese startups lag behind their regional counterparts in international recognition, valuation, and execution. Can venture capital investors supercharge these companies? Our panel of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists discuss how to ramp up Taiwan's VC ecosystem.

    • Does Taiwan have what it takes to create a startup ecosystem for world-class companies; and in which industries can local ventures excel?
    • What new government policies and initiatives are in the pipeline; and how will these benefit Taiwan's VC industry?
    • How can Taiwan create its own unicorn(s)?
    • How can LPs support the local VC industry; and is there a role for corporate investors?
  • 14:45

    The exit outlook: Asia’s developing IPO markets

    Exit options for Asian companies are increasing. While strategic trade sales will continue to be a staple route, the increasingly innovative structures and incentives for a robust IPO in one of the Greater China bourses is making companies of all types consider listing themselves. Meanwhile, GPs may well be spoilt for choice, as more Asian exchanges are launching incentives to attract high-growth technology listings. Which exit route would be the most appropriate? A diverse panel of experts offer their insights.

    • How are successful GPs exiting their investments?
    • What can investors do early in the investment cycle to maximise exit options?
    • How do the region’s capital markets compare; and how will Asian stock exchanges’ new initiatives reshape IPO exits?
    • What can Taiwan do to outperform as a listing and trading venue; and what lessons can be learned from international role models?
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    Networking coffee break

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    Family offices: Unlocking the potential

    Family offices have long been touted as a new pool of relatively untapped capital for private equity fundraisers. Taiwan, with its abundance of successful family businesses and evolved HNW community, is a particularly attractive market. However, as with all markets, the challenge of accessing, wooing, and securing commitments from this select group remains difficult. Our panel, including family office executives, will shed light on family offices in Taiwan and reveal what they are looking for.

    • How developed are Taiwan’s family offices versus other Asian counterparts?
    • How do Taiwanese family offices view investing in alternatives, especially private equity; and how should GPs build relationships with key decision makers?
    • What sectors are attractive to family offices?
    • Are Taiwanese FOs open to co-investments?
  • 16:30

    Taiwanese LPs to increase private equity allocations

    It may not be a well-known fact, but Taiwan is one of Asia’s most attractive fundraising destinations. The alternatives-active Taiwanese institutional investors will continue to allocate large sums of capital into private equity partnerships. The local pool of LP capital will also increase as the government encourages private capital investment in the local economy. With regulators considering raising the insurance companies’ alternatives cap from 2% to 5% of AUM, Taiwan’s ranking within the global LP community is bound to increase substantially. Domestic and international LPs discuss the outlook for fundraising from Taiwan.

    • What are the latest developments for local LPs investing in alternatives?
    • Which asset classes, geographies, and strategies interest LPs the most; and are more LPs making larger allocations to Asia?
    • What are the co-investment and direct investment opportunities in the regional market, including Taiwan; and how do LPs approach them?
    • How should new LPs approach private equity, credit/debt, secondaries, infrastructure, and other alternative asset classes?
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    Closing remarks

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    Cocktail reception