Capturing the booming SPACs market - a primer for Asian GPs and LPs

In the past year, special purpose acquisition companies (“SPACs”) have raised over $82 billion in capital- more than the last 10 years combined. Whilst the US accounts for the majority of SPACs activity, Asia has been hailed as the next hot spot for takeover targets and de-SPACs. The private equity and venture capital industry has also embraced SPACs as part of their investment toolkits, with the number of PE-sponsored SPACs on the rise in Asia.

Against this compelling backdrop, this webinar aims to provide industry players with an update of the key trends and best practices in SPAC investments, their significance to the PE industry and how managers take advantage of this boom which is taking the investment industry by storm.

Topics discussed will include:

  • The reasons behind the SPAC boom globally and in Asia- why PE firms and VCs are starting to launch or sponsor SPACs
  • Key considerations for Asian GPs when raising SPACs- structuring, timing, fundraising challenges
  • Seeking target companies in Asia- what are the top sectors, and is there a supply and demand issue in the region?
  • LP considerations and concerns towards SPACs – how do LPs view the market?
  • The future of SPACs- are they here to stay?

Benefits of attending include:

  • Global view: Hear from established global PE and VC executives who have launched SPACs
  • Network: Meet some of the world’s top GPs, LPs and advisors
  • Case study: Gain an insight into the nuts and bolts of the SPAC process from a manager’s perspective
  • Regional insights: Learn why Asia is quickly becoming the world’s hottest de-SPACs destination
  • LPs: Connect with Asian and global LPs who are bullish on SPACs

Who should attend?

  • PE/VC general partners
  • International and Asian LPs
  • Investment bankers
  • Corporate executives
  • Management consultants
  • M&A lawyers and professionals
  • Financial advisors and consultants


AVCJ SPACs Spotlight 2021 is now a CPD certified event

2 CPD points can be claimed after attending the event

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