Programme Day 2

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  • 08:30

    Registration and refreshments

  • 09:15

    Opening address

  • 09:45

    Structured solutions: Private debt and distress

    Interest, as well as activity, in Asia’s credit and special situations space has increased significantly in recent years. Specialist GPs are adding more people and resources, while a growing number of mainstream private equity firms are introducing private debt verticals. From non-performing assets in China and India to turnarounds in Australia to direct lending in Southeast Asia, our panellists assess the opportunities.

    • How has the market evolved in the last two years?
    • What improvements are being made in terms of creditor rights?
    • How does the risk-return compare for different segments within credit?
    • Where does credit fit into an LP’s allocation strategy?
  • 10:30

    Networking coffee break

  • 11:00

    Responsible investment: Emphasizing ESG

    Institutional investors have made ESG a higher priority, which means PE firms must do the same – if they have not already. A broad policy on responsible investment is a start, but many LPs now want to see evidence of how protocols are being implemented and the impact they are making in terms of sustainability and economic returns. Leading private markets professionals discuss industry best practices.

    • What are the main challenges to implementing an ESG policy in Asia?
    • How do GPs assign responsibility for this area internally?
    • Is there enough of a focus on diversity?
    • What do LPs look for during ESG due diligence on a manager?

  • 11:45

    The evolution of Southeast Asia: An LP perspective

    For a region that offers scale, growth and emerging wealth, Southeast Asia is still relatively underpenetrated by private equity. LPs must decide how they want to access it. Do they play safe with pan-Asian managers that offer Southeast Asia as part of a diverse portfolio or is now the time for smaller GPs to shine? Our LP panellists explain their approaches.

    • Are track records improving in Southeast Asia?
    • Do robust investment numbers in recent years point to a changing dynamic?
    • Are single country funds viable outside of Indonesia?
    • What is the outlook for the next five years?
  • 12:30

    Networking lunch and close of conference