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  • 08:00

    Registration and refreshments

  • 09:00

    Private markets in 2018

    Capital has been flooding into the private market asset class globally, enabling firms to raise ever larger funds, this – coupled with the availability of cheap debt – has contributed to ambitious deal-making. As competition heats up, it will be crucial for GPs to remain disciplined in their approach and to pay the right price whilst creating a value creation thesis to maximize returns. Our panel examines the world in 2018 and beyond, the impact events have had on Asia, and what private market managers can do to prevail in these conditions.

    • How is geo-politics affecting the investment landscape?
    • What opportunities offer the best returns?
    • How can mid-market GP differentiate itself?
    • How is the exit market evolving?

    Moderated by: Sumit Punwani, Partner, KPMG
    Kevin Lu, Partner and Chairman of Asia, Member of the Global Executive Board, PARTNERS GROUP
    T. J. Kono, Partner, UNISON CAPITAL
    Kyle Shaw, Founder and Managing Partner, SHAWKWEI & PARTNERS
    Timothy Zee, Managing Director, PAG ASIA CAPITAL

  • 10:00

    Southeast Asia exits: A timely boost?

    With Southeast Asian private equity and venture investment on the rise, the only blemish on an otherwise successful regional story is the lack of IPOs, as trade sales currently dominate the exit route. However, the recent NYSE listing of Sea (formerly Garena) seems to illustrate a path for current and future crops of companies looking for exits and with some eye catching deal numbers involved, it is a matter of when rather than if the IPOs will come through.

    • What is the state of capital markets across the region?
    • How to find an optimal exit route, given the limited IPOs?
    • What is the LP view on exits, and does it weigh negatively on the region?
    • How have GPs sourced exit routes, and when should this process start?
    • What does the Sea IPO mean for the regional ecosystem?

    Moderated by: Jessica Archibald, Managing Director, TOP TIER CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Shane Chesson, Founder, General Partner, OPENSPACE VENTURES
    Jeffrey Chi, Vice Chairman – Asia, VICKERS FINANCIAL PARTNERS
    Dominic Goh, Vice President, HARBOURVEST PARTNERS

  • 10:45

    Networking coffee break

  • 11:15

    Venture capital and the digital economy

    VC has come to the fore in Southeast Asia – propelled forward by a youthful population, rising disposable income, and growth in smart phone use. With a population of over 650 million, the region is fast becoming the next battleground after China and India for VC firms and their portfolio companies, regional and global giants and strategic investors.  In this session, a panel of leading VCs and investors share their views and predictions.

    • How is the venture capital ecosystem evolved over the last two years?
    • Where do the strategic investors fit into the ecosystem?
    • How do you close the gap in late-stage funding?

    Moderated by: Kay-Mok Ku, Managing Partner, GOBI MANAGEMENT (SOUTHEAST ASIA)
    Amit Anand, Founding Partner, JUNGLE VENTURES
    Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, EAST VENTURES
    Kenny Ho, Head of Investment, Southeast Asia & India & Chief of Staff for Executive Vice Chairman, ALIBABA GROUP
    Donald Wihardja, Partner, CONVERGENCE VENTURES

  • 12:00

    Middle-market opportunities in Asia

    Asia’s middle market is flourishing. In developed economies, corporate spin-outs, generational transitions, and turnarounds present numerous potential investments for managers, while emerging markets continue to deliver growth capital opportunities. For GPs, success is contingent on having the skills and local knowledge to originate transactions - a process may involve winning over founders who are suspicious of private equity - support the development of companies, and plot realistic exit routes. Our expert panel share their experiences.

    • What does middle market mean in different Asian markets? 
    • Are managers really generating proprietary deal flow?
    • What can developing markets GPs learn from succession situations in developed markets?
    • How do investors in this space differentiate themselves?
    • What is the outlook for exits?

    Moderated by: Wen Tan, Co- Head of Private Equity Asia Pacific, ABERDEEN STANDARD INVESTMENTS
    Gerald Chiu, Founding Partner, DYMON ASIA PRIVATE EQUITY
    Tak Wai Chung, Partner and Head of Southeast Asia, EQT
    Lenny Lim, Senior Investment Director, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Ranjit Shah, Managing Partner and Co-founder, GAJA CAPITAL

  • 12:45

    Fireside chat

    Rebecca Victoria Smith, Head of Listings and Capital Markets, APAC ex-China, NASDAQ
    Hua Fung Teh, Chief Financial Officer, ONE CAMPIONSHIP
    Henry Hendrawan, Chief Financial Officer, TRAVELOKA

  • 13:15

    Networking lunch

  • 14:15

    Disrupt or be disrupted: Singapore as a hub for innovation and technology

    Drones, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, artificial reality, and virtual reality –each one has the potential to revolutionise traditional industries. The question for investors, is how can they identify the next wave of technologies and harness their disruptive power, and whether that means enhancing existing portfolio companies, or working with entrepreneurs to create new ones. Our panel of experts share their views on how, when, and where innovation will come to the forefront as a catalyst for change.

    • What technology shifts will have the most impact over the next 5-10 years?
    • When should investors act to access the best opportunities?
    • Which sectors present the greatest risks and rewards?
    • What are the opportunities in deep tech?

      Moderated by: Patrick Loofbourrow, Partner, COOLEY LLP
      Vishal Harnal, Partner, 500 STARTUPS
      Hoang Duc Trung, Deputy Managing Director, VINACAPITAL
      Wei Zhou, Founding and Managing Partner, CHINA CREATION VENTURES (CCV)

  • 15:00

    Spotlight: The business of sport

    Moderated by: Marcus H. John, Chief Executive Officer, SPORTS CAPITAL ADVISORS
    Martin Pond, Commerical Director, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan & S.Korea, LALIGA
    Dharpan Randhawa, Senior Vice President, Partnership Development – Asia, MCLAREN TECHNOLOGY GROUP

  • 15:30

    Networking coffee break

  • 16:00

    The evolution of credit and debt as an asset class

    Funds are increasingly focused on the debt market, as they react to banks tightening up on lending and further diversifying their product offerings. Next to private equity, private debt is expected to deliver the highest returns over the next three to five years. With a strong appetite from LPs, private equity and specialist players are moving to establish offerings to exploit this opportunity. The panel will explore the macro factors that are contributing to the rise of debt-oriented strategies and direct lending, and how LPs can access this opportunity.

    • Where does private debt fit into an LP's allocation strategy, and are these allocations increasing?
    • Are distressed-debt and credit opportunities now a significant part of the private equity business?
    • Is venture debt emerging as a mainstream asset class in some markets?
    • How attractive are non-performing loans (NPLs), high yield bonds, defaulted bonds, and NPL securitisations for GPs?
    • With global GPs and funds of funds now establishing debt funds, will domestic players follow suit?

    Moderated by: Udit Gambhir, Managing Director, SGG
    Avery Colcord, Managing Director, CARVAL INVESTORS
    Ted Goldthorpe, Managing Partner, BC PARTNERS
    Escamillo Lin, Managing Director, Head of South East Asia for Private Equity and Mezzanine, ICG

  • 16:50

    Investor selector: What do LPs really look for in a GP when deciding where to commit their money?

    In this interactive, educational, and enjoyable session, an LP representative will ask three GPs a series of unrehearsed investment-related questions that influence their firm’sdecision-making process when selecting a fund. Each of the GPs will have an opportunity to respond and convince the LP that their fund, focus, and investment philosophy willprovide the best returns. To add to the excitement, the GPs’ identities will not be revealeduntil the LP has picked a winner.

    Moderated by:
    Wen Tan, Co- Head of Private Equity Asia Pacific, ABERDEEN STANDARD INVESTMENTS

  • 17:30

    Close of Day 1 and networking cocktails