AVCJ Southeast Asia Virtual Forum

Challenges and opportunities in the new era

room Live Virtual Briefing

An immersive virtual conference to navigate the opportunities and challenges of the new normal

The AVCJ Southeast Asia Virtual Forum was successfully held on 22-23 July, joined by more than 450+ industry leaders from all around the world. Speakers discussed the investment landscape for the region and individual countries; opportunities for private equity and venture capital during and post-crisis, the impact on infrastructure deals this year, how to capture cross-border growth in the current climate, global LP’s view on private markets, value creation strategies, as well as the prospects for the healthcare sector.

The virtual forum provided engagements through interactive panel discussions, briefings, case studies and live Q&A sessions. The forum also encouraged attendees to connect with each other via the networking portal.

Why attend?

  • Network with attendees in real time and make meaningful connections virtually through meetings, live polls and Q&A
  • Participate in interactive panel sessions, case studies, and presentations
  • Stay ahead of the curve and learn about upcoming trends and opportunities in the Southeast Asian private equity and venture landscape
  • Hear from some of the world’s top fund managers as they share examples of successful strategies used to navigate the current crisis
  • Understand the importance of having a sophisticated value creation strategy
  • Gain insights from global and regional LPs on their views of the region