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    Opening remarks

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    Opening address: Macroeconomic briefing - Impact of Covid-19 and the outlook for industry

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    Private markets: finding opportunities in turbulent times

    Private markets in 2020 experienced a highly challenging environment on unprecedented scale and this impacted deal making, fundraising and exits. As the GPs adapted to the new normal, opportunities in some asset classes and sectors look promising. Our panel of private equity experts will discuss how they have navigated the past year, what they have done to adapt, as well as sharing the opportunities on the horizon.

    • What is the current state of play for private markets in the region? Is Southeast Asia proving to be more resilient than the rest of Asia?
    • What strategies have GPs implemented to keep their portfolio firms afloat?
    • Where are the opportunities? Distress? Taking companies private?
    • What are the exit avenues in 2021?
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    Networking break

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    Southeast Asia Private Equity & Venture Capital trends

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    Executive address

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    Venture capital in the new norm

    As the pandemic hit and lockdowns and restrictions made some existing business models and strategies obsolete almost overnight, VCs doubled down on their investments and shifted strategies where needed. This shift enabled accelerated digitalization which could prove to be the catalyst for significant growth in the period to come. Leading VCs recollect the highs and lows of 2020 and the way forward.

    • What were the high and lows for the VC industry in 2020?
    • With changing business models and accelerated digitalization, are we set for a period of unprecedented growth?
    • Are we at the end of the mobile internet cycle? What is the next breakthrough technology?
    • How are VCs are fundraising in the current environment?
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    Indonesia country briefing

    As Indonesia prepares to launch its sovereign wealth fund to attract investment into infrastructure, healthcare, energy and tourism, technology is still the key driver for investors given the strong track record. Private equity play is still lagging other markets in the region, but the establishment of the sovereign wealth fund might be the missing ingredient. Industry leaders provide their insight:

    • What is the current state of the market?
    • Will the establishment of the Investment Authority Indonesia kickstart private markets investment?
    • Where are the opportunities across the asset classes?  Are we going to see more restructurings in Indonesia?
    • What is the outlook for 2021 and beyond?
  • 14:45

    Vietnam country briefing

    A successful COVID-19 containment plan has underlined Vietnam’s status as a leading investment destination in Southeast Asia and has helped the country become a beneficiary of supply chain realignment. Private markets are in reasonably good shape and investment activity has been steadily growing in recent years. Whether Vietnam can become a leader in private markets investment for foreign capital remains to be seen and although we have seen strong investment interest travel restraints in a post-Covid world will present a challenge. Country experts discuss private market opportunities and what the future holds.

    • Is Vietnam best positioned in the region to bounce back?
    • What are the notable deals in the past 12 months, and what is the outlook for the year ahead?
    • What sectors are proving most resilient and offer opportunities?
    • How are fund managers tackling the inability to meet current and future LPs in the current climte?
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    Networking break

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    LPs and Southeast Asia beyond 2021

    LPs remained understandably cautious through 2020 and several institutions have changed their investment strategies to focus on assets classes with liquidity options or re- focused on markets closer to home. Whether this will affect the level of interest and allocation to Southeast Asia remains to be seen, as does if the region might become a preferred destination over China and India in the medium-term. International LPs will look forward at their view on the region and how they see it fitting into their strategy in a post-Covid world.

    • Has Southeast Asia’s attractiveness as an investment destination increased due to the pandemic and geopolitical reorder?
    • What is the short and long-term LP expectation from the region?
    • How critical is technology as a driver for growth in Southeast Asia?
    • To what extent does the inability to travel effect your confidence to invest in Southeast Asia in 2021?
    • How are family offices/conglomerates investing during these turbulent times?
  • 16:30

    Virtual roundtables

    In an interactive format with limited participants, subject matter experts will discuss and share their approach, strategies and war stories in tackling operational and investment challenges and preparing for the future. Topics include:

    • Fundraising strategies in uncertain times
    • Implementing and managing ESG across a portfolio
    • Value creation – developing a post-pandemic playbook
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