Programme - Venture Capital Summit, 13 November

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    Opening remarks

  • 09:00

    Opening Address (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)

  • 09:30

    Asian private equity: A new maturity (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    Private equity investment and exits both hit record highs in Asia last year, despite an abundance of capital entering the
    asset class, which has driven up competition and valuations. For leading managers at the top end of the market, staying
    ahead means increasing product offerings, widening team skillsets, innovative deal sourcing, driving value creation, utilizing
    technology in portfolio management, and carefully considering exit options. Our panel will share their tips for achieving

    • What are GPs doing to differentiate themselves as the industry matures?
    • How are technology trends impacting private equity?
    • How is the exit market developing in Asia?
    • What are the implications of ever larger pan-regional funds?
  • 10:30

    Networking coffee break

  • 11:00

    Follow the money: VC fundraising in 2018

    Robust demand for exposure to Asian venture capital has driven up fund sizes to levels that would have seemed unrealistic
    a few years ago. Led by China, some GPs are raising multiple vehicles intended to back companies from seed through later
    growth rounds. This has been accompanied by greater emphasis on the ways in which investors can support start-ups that
    are expanding rapidly. Our leading GPs and LPs look at how fundraising trends have evolved.

    • How are fund structures and strategies changing?
    • What areas does LP due diligence tend to focus on?
    • What new types of LPs are focusing on venture capital?
    • Is too much capital being raised?
  • 11:45

    Capital inflows: The evolving deal environment

    From SoftBank’s Vision Fund to private equity firms to sovereign wealth funds, large-cap investors are looking to deploy more
    capital in technology. The amount of money entering the sector has never been higher, but it is increasingly concentrated on
    later stage rounds for companies that are staying private for longer. What do these dynamics mean for early-stage players?
    Our panelists discuss the realities of working with – or exiting to – larger investors.

    • How early must investors go to access the best opportunities?
    • Are late-stage investors an exit opportunity or a strategic headache?
    • What issues make alignment of interest break down within a broad investor base?
    • What impact will initial coin offerings (ICOs) have on the investment landscape?
  • 12:30

    Plenary address (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)

  • 13:00

    Networking lunch break

  • 14:00

    Investing in disruption: Backing the winners

    Autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, big data, augmented and virtual reality, robotics – all of these are routinely cited
    as the next great technology investment opportunity. There are countless start-ups within each segment and in many cases
    business models touch on several of these areas. What can investors do to ensure the next game-changing innovation is
    in their portfolio? Our experts offer insights into the complex technology development journey and how they pick the likely

    • What are the most exciting areas of disruption?
    • How fully formed must an idea or business model be to make it investable?
    • What lessons have been learned from investments that didn’t work out?
    • What technologies currently off the radar will break through in the next five years?
  • 15:00

    The exit conundrum: Finding liquidity

    Venture capital investors are under pressure to generate returns – or at least illustrate paths to liquidity – from the impressive
    growth stories they are telling. While exit options are gradually widening, the availability of IPOs and the number of larger
    players capable of M&A varies considerably across different Asian markets. Our panel of fund managers share real-life
    examples that illustrate the challenges involved in exiting companies and how they can be overcome.

    • How is the exit environment developing in China, India, and Southeast Asia?
    • Can Hong Kong become a regional hub for technology IPOs?
    • How are trade sale options evolving in the region?
    • What is the exit outlook for the next 12 months?
  • 16:15

    Networking coffee break

  • 16:30

    Asian venture capital: Moving to the next level (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    There is already evidence of differentiation in Asia’s venture capital industry, whether it involves sector specialization, pursuing
    distinct early or late-stage strategies, or teams with local agendas spinning out from international firms. But can this conviction
    about an approach to investment and the expectation that it will deliver rich deal flow translate into consistent and meaningful
    returns? Investors from across the region share their views on how to build a sustainable industry.

    • When will Asia’s unicorns deliver on their heady valuations?
    • What strategies are being used to achieve rapid scale across multiple markets?
    • How do investors make themselves the partner-of-choice for local entrepreneurs?
    • In what ways is the quality of start-up founders and teams improving?
  • 17:15

    The LP view on Asia: Can performance be sustained? (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    As the private equity industry continues to mature in Asia, there is more differentiation in what GPs are trying to do and LPs
    have the information to say with greater certainty what works and what does not. Nevertheless, there is general concern about
    the amount of capital being raised and whether it can be deployed efficiently in a climate of high valuations. Our panel of
    leading investors discuss the role of Asia in their portfolios.

    • What are the pros and cons of larger fund sizes in Asia?
    • Does the consolidation of LP relationships create space in funds for smaller investors?
    • How technology contributing to investment decision making?
    • What about Asian private equity keeps investors awake at night?
  • 18:00

    Close of summit

  • 18:15

    Cocktail reception

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