Programme - Limited Partners' Summit, 13 November

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    Opening remarks

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    Opening Address (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Venture Capital Summits)

  • 09:30

    Asian private equity: A new maturity (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Venture Capital Summits)

    Private equity investment and exits both hit record highs in Asia last year, despite an abundance of capital entering the asset class, which has driven up competition and valuations. For leading managers at the top end of the market, staying ahead means increasing product offerings, widening team skillsets, innovative deal sourcing, driving value creation, utilizing technology in portfolio management, and carefully considering exit options. Our panel will share their tips for achieving success.

    • What are GPs doing to differentiate themselves as the industry matures? 
    • How are technology trends impacting private equity?
    • How is the exit market developing in Asia?
    • What are the implications of ever larger pan-regional funds?
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    Networking coffee break

  • 11:00

    LP insights: How to approach Asia

    Asia is not a one-size-fits-all region, and the same can be said for how LPs choose to invest here: fund-of-funds, separately
    managed accounts, pan-regional funds, sector and single-country focused managers, co-investment, or direct investment.
    Choice of strategy is a function of resources but the key is to have a clearly defined approach and then find the right partners.
    Our experts discuss what works and what doesn’t when investing in Asia.

    • Are LPs become more diverse in their approaches to Asia?
    • Which sectors and geographies are most interesting for LPs?
    • What are the merits of multi-product GPs versus specialist GPs?
    • Have return expectations changed for Asia?
  • 11:45

    Portfolio construction: Optimal allocation

    The ideal private equity portfolio can neutralize cyclical factors by virtue of its long horizon and its geographical and vintage
    diversification. However, in an Asian context, there are still many questions to be answered. LPs must consider the merits of
    developed versus developing markets, assess the impact of macroeconomic unrest, and decide how important ESG is to their
    investment decisions, to name but a few. Our panel goes in-depth on portfolio construction.

    • What strategies are used to build a globally diversified portfolio?
    • What should active portfolio management entail?
    • How is currency risk best addressed?
    • To what extent is technology changing approaches to portfolio construction?
  • 12:30

    Plenary address (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Venture Capital Summits)

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    Networking lunch break

  • 14:00

    LP briefing: China

    China is set to become the most important private equity market in the world. While not every investor will need to have China exposure in their portfolio, every one of them will need to understand the real opportunities and note the actual challenges that face local managers. To bridge this knowledge gap, qualified institutional investors attending the 2018 AVCJ Forum this November are invited to this special briefing that will featuring normally shy Chinese private equity leaders giving LPs a never-been-seen glimpse into every nook and cranny that realistically defines the Chinese private equity market. (closed door session)

    * simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English and limited to 30 participants.              

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    Networking break

  • 15:30

    Roundtable discussions: Updates on key industry issues

    We will once again be hosting roundtable discussions on issues that are important to the investor community. Each table will
    be led by a topic leader who will encourage frank discussion and debate. (Registration is required.) Topics:

    • ESG
    • Co-investment
    • Secondaries
    • Credit
  • 16:30

    Asian venture capital: Moving to the next level (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Venture Capital Summits)

    There is already evidence of differentiation in Asia’s venture capital industry, whether it involves sector specialization, pursuing
    distinct early or late-stage strategies, or teams with local agendas spinning out from international firms. But can this conviction
    about an approach to investment and the expectation that it will deliver rich deal flow translate into consistent and meaningful
    returns? Investors from across the region share their views on how to build a sustainable industry.

    • When will Asia’s unicorns deliver on their heady valuations?
    • What strategies are being used to achieve rapid scale across multiple markets?
    • How do investors make themselves the partner-of-choice for local entrepreneurs?
    • In what ways is the quality of start-up founders and teams improving?
  • 17:15

    The LP view on Asia: Can performance be sustained? (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Venture Capital Summits)

    As the private equity industry continues to mature in Asia, there is more differentiation in what GPs are trying to do and LPs
    have the information to say with greater certainty what works and what does not. Nevertheless, there is general concern about
    the amount of capital being raised and whether it can be deployed efficiently in a climate of high valuations. Our panel of
    leading investors discuss the role of Asia in their portfolios.

    • What are the pros and cons of larger fund sizes in Asia?
    • Does the consolidation of LP relationships create space in funds for smaller investors?
    • How technology contributing to investment decision making?
    • What about Asian private equity keeps investors awake at night?
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    Close of summit

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    Cocktail reception