Programme - Investment Summit (Day two)

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  • Thursday, 19th November 2020

  • 08:55

    Opening remarks

  • 09:00

    Opening keynote address

  • 09:30

    Value creation: Stabilize, rationalize, realize

    • What does a post-pandemic playbook look like?
    • How have technology-related initiatives helping companies though the crisis?
    • What challenges do managers face doing value creation remotely?
    • In what ways is the role of the operating partner evolving?
  • 10:30

    Networking coffee break

  • 11:00

    Track 1: Japan: Staying on track

    • What can investors do to capitalise on corporate carve-outs?
    • Are succession planning deals still the middle-market mainstay?
    • How are the competitive dynamics shifting in different market segments?
    • What is the way back for the hardest hit sectors?
  • 11:00

    Track 2: India: Dealing with uncertainty

    • What does COVID-19 mean for India’s economic outlook?
    • Which sectors are most attractive for investment?
    • How are approaches to value creation evolving?
    • Can secondaries help offset another exits overhang?
  • 11:45

    Track 1: Private credit: A post COVID-19 analysis

    • Distress aside, are credit investors putting more money to work?
    • How do product offerings differ across the region?
    • To what extent are global firms building up local teams?
    • How quickly will Asia’s debt markets move from bank-driven to institutional?
  • 11:45

    Track 2: Healthcare: Still popular

    • Which sub-segments have been the winners in biotech, devices, and services?
    • What opportunities are emerging around telemedicine?
    • How much genuine innovation is there in Asia biotech?
    • Where have most of the returns come from in healthcare?
  • 12:30

    Track 1: Exits: A matter of timing

    • What have been the most fruitful exit routes in 2020?
    • How do you manage investor expectations as exit horizons are pushed out?
    • How are secondary solutions evolving to meet liquidity needs?
    • Are US public markets still a viable destination for Chinese companies?
  • 12:30

    Track 2: Family offices: Staying the course?

    • Has COVID-19 pared back demand for private markets exposure?
    • What concerns are top of mind for families when looking at their portfolios?
    • Have travel restrictions pushed groups that know each other into club deals?
    • Are there misalignments of interest between families and other investors?
  • 13:15

    Networking lunch

  • 14:15

    Deep dive workshops, topics to be confirmed

  • 16:30

    Close of summit