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    Opening remarks

    Tim Burroughs, Managing Editor, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL

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    Asian private equity: A new maturity (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    Private equity investment and exits both hit record highs in Asia last year, despite an abundance of capital entering the
    asset class, which has driven up competition and valuations. For leading managers at the top end of the market, staying
    ahead means increasing product offerings, widening team skillsets, innovative deal sourcing, driving value creation, utilizing
    technology in portfolio management, and carefully considering exit options. Our panel will share their tips for achieving

    • What are GPs doing to differentiate themselves as the industry matures?
    • How are technology trends impacting private equity?
    • How is the exit market developing in Asia?
    • What are the implications of ever larger pan-regional funds?

    Moderated by:
    Kirk M. Beaton, Partner, LEXINGTON PARTNERS
    Nicholas Bloy, Managing Partner, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Charles Ong, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, RRJ GROUP
    Bobby Pauly, Partner, TATA OPPORTUNITIES FUND
    Yichen Zhang, Founder, Chairman and CEO, CITIC CAPITAL HOLDINGS LIMITED

  • 10:00

    Data presentation: What LPs can expect going forward? (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    Oliver Gottschalg, Associate Professor, HEC SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, PARIS

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    Networking coffee break

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    Best practices: Fund structuring and management

    Global tax and regulatory developments are forcing private equity firms to look more closely at their choice of fund domicile.
    Even though many choose to remain in the Cayman Islands, they are reviewing governance and operational protocols for fear
    of doing more than is permitted in a particular jurisdiction and triggering anti-avoidance mechanisms. It is just one of various
    threats to conventional thinking on setting up funds. Our experts assess the options for GPs.

    • For what reasons would a manager stop using Cayman as a fund domicile?
    • How are parallel and feeder structures used to meet the needs of different LPs?
    • What are the latest developments regarding BEPS and AIFMD?
    • What will the industry look like in five years based on the current policy trajectory?

    Moderated by:
    Lorna Chen, Head of Greater China and Partner, SHEARMAN & STERLING LLP
    Kathy Chen, Partner and CFO, SBCVC
    Jason Chong, CFO, Asia Pacific, EQT PARTNERS ASIA LIMITED
    Markus A. Federle, General Counsel and Head of Group Compliance, SAMENA CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED
    Grace Lee, Partner and CFO, QIMING VENTURE PARTNERS

  • 11:45

    Threats and opportunities: Future-proofing your portfolio

    Technology is redefining industry boundaries and business models, at times playing havoc with investment theses and value
    creation strategies. As part of their due diligence and portfolio monitoring, private equity firms must develop capabilities to
    assess the potential for disruption in different industries and devise appropriate responses. In this session a diverse group
    of industry experts share their views on how private equity firms should address the threats and opportunities presented by

    • How is technology factored into initial investment theses?
    • In what ways has technology impacted value creation plans?
    • What are the talent requirements at the fund and portfolio level?
    • Should private equity firms share ideas with venture capital investors?

    Moderated by:
    Paul Ford, Partner, Deal Advisory, Head of Private Equity, KPMG FAS CO., LTD.
    Gaurav Ahuja, Managing Director, CHRYSCAPITAL
    Edwin Fua, Partner, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Shota Kuwaki, Director, CLSA CAPITAL PARTNERS (JAPAN) KK
    Chester Moynihan, Managing Director, ALLEGRO FUNDS

  • 12:30

    Plenary address: Story of an Asian brand that broke USD 1 billion in revenue and a USD 2 billion valuation (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    Ravi Thakran, Chairman and Managing Partner, L CATTERTON ASIA

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    Networking lunch break

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    Due diligence: Keeping pace with change

    Doing business in Asia can be a complex process and GPs need strong due diligence systems in place to support investment
    decisions. In addition to sourcing accurate financial information, operating practices and the people tasked with executing
    them must be scrutinized. Companies have arguably never been more vulnerable given the rise in cybercrime. And for some
    investors, due diligence is no longer just a pre-investment consideration; it continues, in some form, throughout the holding

    • How do you evaluate reputational risk?
    • What are the best practices for making valuation assessments?
    • What systems can be employed to monitor investments on a continuous basis?
    • How have the different risk factors evolved in Asia?

    Moderated by:
    Jaideep Das, Partner, ERM
    Kyle Shaw, Founder and Managing Partner, SHAWKWEI & PARTNERS
    David Shen, Regional Managing Director, OLYMPUS CAPITAL HOLDINGS ASIA
    Andrew Thompson, Head of Private Equity Asia Pacific, Head of Deal Advisory, KPMG

  • 14:45

    A matter of compliance: Building a strong back office

    Private equity firms need to have the systems and processes in place to meet the information needs of stakeholders based
    in different geographies and with their own ideas of what constitutes best-in-class reporting. This is particularly important for
    GPs that are trying to broaden their LP bases and become more institutionalized, but back office competence is increasingly
    regarded as a baseline industry requirement. Our panel of experts consider how the landscape is evolving.

    • How are GPs responding to LP demands for clearer and more frequent reporting?
    • What back office functions could and should be outsourced?
    • Are GPs prepared for sustainability reporting?
    • What tools can be used to enhance data gathering, analysis and reporting?

    Moderated by:
    Alex Wilmerding, Partner, PANTHEON VENTURES
    Katsuya Baba, Partner, ADVANTAGE PARTNERS
    Kapil Kirpalani, Chief Compliance Officer, KKR
    Jessie Yan, Director and General Counsel, LUNAR

  • 15:30

    The debt portion: Getting deal financing

    With dry powder at record levels globally and in Asia, valuations are being driven up and leverage is becoming increasingly
    prevalent in Asia on regional control buy-outs. As GPs look to enhance returns through recapitalisations and minority backleverage,
    how should sponsors go about arranging finance for their deals? A panel of experts will highlight the current trends
    and discuss the options and relevant challenges in financing private equity deals in Asia.

    • Which markets will be the most active for leveraged buyouts in the next five years?
    • What are the sources of capital? How to choose the best option/combination for a deal?
    • What challenges do sponsors face in securing financing?
    • How to structure your deal to maximize the chance of securing financing?

    Moderated by:
    Rupert Manduke-Curtis, Founder, AMC CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD
    Lyndon Hsu, Managing Director, Global Head, Leveraged and Structured Solutions, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
    Rahul Patkar, Managing Director, GOLDMAN SACHS
    Edward Tong, Senior Vice President, Head Private Debt Asia, PARTNERS GROUP

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    Networking coffee break

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    Asian venture capital: Moving to the next level (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    There is already evidence of differentiation in Asia’s venture capital industry, whether it involves sector specialization, pursuing
    distinct early or late-stage strategies, or teams with local agendas spinning out from international firms. But can this conviction
    about an approach to investment and the expectation that it will deliver rich deal flow translate into consistent and meaningful
    returns? Investors from across the region share their views on how to build a sustainable industry.

    • When will Asia’s unicorns deliver on their heady valuations?
    • What strategies are being used to achieve rapid scale across multiple markets?
    • How do investors make themselves the partner-of-choice for local entrepreneurs?
    • In what ways is the quality of start-up founders and teams improving?

    Moderated by:
    James Lu, Partner, COOLEY LLP
    Amit Anand, Founding Partner, JUNGLE VENTURES
    TC Meenakshisundaram, Founder and Managing Director, CHIRATAE VENTURES INDIA ADVISORS
    Shinichi Takamiya, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Steven Wang, Managing and Founding Partner, HIGHLIGHT CAPITAL

  • 17:15

    The LP view on Asia: Can performance be sustained? (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    As the private equity industry continues to mature in Asia, there is more differentiation in what GPs are trying to do and LPs
    have the information to say with greater certainty what works and what does not. Nevertheless, there is general concern about
    the amount of capital being raised and whether it can be deployed efficiently in a climate of high valuations. Our panel of
    leading investors discuss the role of Asia in their portfolios.

    • What are the pros and cons of larger fund sizes in Asia?
    • Does the consolidation of LP relationships create space in funds for smaller investors?
    • How is technology contributing to investment decision making?
    • What about Asian private equity keeps investors awake at night?

    Moderated by:
    Chris Lerner, Partner and Head of Asia, EATON PARTNERS
    Camilla Axvi, Head of Private Equity, AP2
    Alicia Gregory, Head of Private Equity, MLC
    Gregory Jania, Head of Fund Investments, Global Private Equity, APG US ASSET MANAGEMENT
    Hideya Sadanaga, Managing Director, Head of Private Equity Investment, JAPAN POST BANK

  • 18:00

    Korea: Where success has no limit (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    Jinyo (J.Y) Jung, Deputy Director, INVEST KOREA (KOTRA)

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    Close of summit

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    Cocktail reception

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