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  • Tuesday, 16th November 2021

  • 08:00


  • 08:50

    Opening remarks

  • 09:00

    Opening Address (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

  • 09:30

    Asian private equity: A vibrant dynamic (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    • Following a sharp rebound in late 2020, how has investment panned out in 2021?
    • Did COVID-19 lead to normalization in earnings and moderation in valuations?
    • Are there sectors that managers are still unwilling to touch?
    • How are GPs building resilience into their portfolios to mitigate future shocks?
  • 10:30

    Networking break

  • 11:00

    Fundraising and investor relations: Virtual to hybrid

    • What lasting change will COVID-19 have on investor relations?
    • How have GPs re-thought timing, positioning and targeting for virtual fundraises?
    • To what extent is there innovation in the nature of investor engagement?
    • Under what circumstances would an LP rely solely on virtual due diligence?
  • 11:45

    Diversity: The roadmap for attracting and nurturing talent

    • What can be done to prioritize diversity in recruitment?
    • What role could or should quotas play?
    • How are PE leaders promoting inclusivity in their deal teams?
    • Will the speaker line-up for AVCJ 2030 be an equal split between genders?
  • 12:30

    Executive address (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

  • 13:00

    Networking Lunch

  • 14:00

    Value creation: Utilising analytical insights to empower change

    • What tools can be used to enhance data gathering, analysis, and reporting?
    • What are the major challenges in executing a business model pivot?
    • How do you build a cohesive team of experts, and when and how should they work?
    • What internal processes can be outsourced to improve efficiencies?
  • 14:45

    Due diligence: Evolving your thinking to cover all bases

    • How have approaches to due diligence changed because of COVID-19?
    • Are private equity firms investing enough in data analytics?
    • How have the different risk factors evolved in Asia?
    • To what extent can due diligence be automated?
  • 15:30

    Fund formation: Essential infrastructure

    • What should GPs be mindful of in terms of fund structure and domicile?
    • Is the carried interest tax treatment debate in Asia now over?
    • What will be the next focal point for regulatory scrutiny of offshore structures?
    • Where will managers go if the Cayman Islands becomes a less palatable option?
  • 16:15

    Networking break

  • 16:30

    Asian venture capital: A new maturity (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    • Are LPs able to build geographically diversified portfolios within Asia?
    • What are the implications of ever larger funds across multiple strategies?
    • Will the rise of B2B lead to a new breed of pan-regional or global Asian start-ups?
    • What does increasing growth-stage tech activity mean for liquidity events?
  • 17:15

    Institutional perspective: What works in Asia? (Joint session with the Venture Capital and Limited Partners’ Summits)

    • How does Asia fit into portfolios increasingly oriented towards yield and diversification?
    • Has COVID-19 altered how LPs view exposure to different strategies in Asia?
    • What challenges are presented by a greater emphasis on ESG?
    • What are the key ingredients of a genuine partnership in Asia?
  • 18:00

    Close of summit

  • 18:15

    Cocktail reception