Asian private equity: The outlook for Q2 and beyond

Asian private equity: The outlook for Q2 and beyond

AVCJ Live Broadcast

The rapid spread of the coronavirus - and consequent curtailment of economic activity - necessitated an equally swift response from private equity managers. The immediate focus was on liquidity at the portfolio company level, but looking beyond that, the pipeline for investments and exits is uncertain. Meanwhile, fundraising processes that were not already well-progressed have been stopped in their tracks. Accurate and up-to-date information is critical, not least for LPs that might face liquidity and asset allocation challenges of their own.

Heading into 2020, a downturn was widely anticipated, and the COVID-19 outbreak may serve to accelerate its onset. Comparisons are inevitably drawn with the aftermath of the global financial crisis. In doing this, industry participants cite numerous factors that will pull in private equity's favour, notably a wider variety of funding sources and structures, greater operational capabilities on the GP side, and increasingly sophisticated LPs with more portfolio management tools at their disposal. These may define the next phase of the development of the asset class in Asia, but investors' execution capabilities are being put to the test sooner than expected.

Our live panel discussion will focus on:

  • Strategies being used by GPs to navigate the crisis
  • Sectors and geographies offering new opportunities
  • The questions LPs are asking of their portfolio GPs
  • The impact of COVID-19 on PE and VC fundraising

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