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    Private markets outlook: Navigating global recovery

    The global economy began its recovery in 1Q 2021, as a result of businesses adjusting to the new normal. Although everyone expects a worldwide rebound, the private equity industry faces multiple challenges, such as geopolitical issues, unused dry powder fuelling record valuations, and travel constraints on deal-making and fundraising. Our panel of global and regional leaders share their approaches to investing in this critical time and predict the market outlook.

    • How have investment practices and theses changed in response to the pandemic?
    • What will the recovery look like, and where has it started?
    • Which geographies and strategies present the most attractive opportunities?
    • Is this the best time to buy, and what are the critical factors justifying valuations?
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    The emergence of private credit

    The pandemic has traumatised economies, globally starving companies of revenue, challenging business models, and prompting concerns regarding the capacity to service existing debts. Once deemed too expensive, private debt financing is now an attractive proposition, and most private debt providers have seen a surge in demand. A panel of experienced investors offer their views on the state of the debt market and the opportunity set across a range of markets.

    • How are GPs dealing with rising default rates, high leverage, and the prevalence of
      covenant-lite loans?  
    • Which strategies and structures have evolved to better meet investors’ needs?
    • Are we expecting more opportunities to emerge from Asia?
    • How should LPs access the debt market?
  • 11:30

    Global venture: A new hype?

    With technology playing a bigger role than ever in the business world and everyday life, global venture looks set to scale a new peak. More players are crowding into the space, due to disruptive innovations and frothy valuations offering fresh opportunities for historic returns. Despite the skyrocketing valuations and worries over unproven business models, venture capital retains its allure. Our panel of venture capital experts discuss the current conditions and future expectations, including exciting sectors and how South Korean LPs should approach the asset class in today’s market.

    • What are the emerging investment themes in the venture capital space?
    • Which markets and sectors look the most attractive?
    • Is over-supply of capital driving up valuations?
    • What is the risk/return profile at different stages of venture capital investment, and how should LPs approach the asset class?
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    Presentation: Portfolio construction in uncertain times

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    South Korea: The evolution of deal opportunities

    South Korea remains an attractive deal market for private investors. In addition to large and mid-market buyouts driven by accelerated chaebol restructuring and succession, investors are finding emerging growth opportunities as the country’s tech sector prospers. President Moon’s pledge to create a greener economy has also highlighted themes of energy transition and environmental management. However, as competition intensifies and valuations soar, fund managers face challenges. Our panellists share their views on this competitive yet evolving market.

    • How has the deal market in South Korea evolved, and what does the pipeline look like for 2021?
    • How can private equity improve corporate governance, and which best practices mitigate conflicts and align with shareholders’ interests?
    • Will the Green New Deal Policy create more energy/ESG opportunities and even dedicated funds in South Korea?
    • How will the exit environment develop in 2021 and beyond?
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    South Korean venture capital: Getting global attention

    South Korean venture capital is booming. Last year, the country recorded more than USD3 billion of venture capital investment, rivalling that of India and China. This year, the sector saw its biggest-ever exit, with the e-commerce platform Coupang being listed on the Nasdaq. This bullish outlook is underpinned by the government’s Digital New Deal Policy, which will further enrich R&D capacity in advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, and AI. Our panel discuss the competitive dynamic in different segments of the market and offer their views on the outlook for innovation in South Korea.

    • What are the latest government initiatives supporting the local startup ecosystem?
    • What kinds of technologies and innovations differentiate South Korea from its peers in the region?
    • How will the rise of corporate venture capital impact the ecosystem?
    • What can be done to raise South Korea venture capital to the next level?
  • 16:00

    LP spotlight: Creating a sustainable portfolio strategy in the new normal

    While the macroeconomic environment remains uncertain, South Korean LPs appear confident about alternatives delivering steady returns and are actively assessing strategies to prepare for the post-COVID-19 era. ESG has also made its way up the priority list as LPs look to further integrate more factors in their investment processes. Our panel of LPs discuss various investment strategies and portfolio construction philosophies, as well as the outlook for allocations in South Korea and abroad.

    • How have portfolio allocations changed in response to the risks and opportunities presented by the macroeconomic environment?
    • Which geographies, strategies, and asset classes interest LPs the most?
    • What internal resources are required to be an effective co-investor?
    • How prominently does ESG feature in the decision-making process?
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    Closing remarks

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