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    Seeking Alpha in private markets in 2019 and beyond

    Geopolitical tensions and a potential recession sometimes cloud the macro picture. In private markets, massive inflows of capital and large amounts of unused dry powder have helped fuel record valuations. Against this background, GPs need to move carefully, strike opportunistically, and create strong value to continue to generate superior returns. Senior private equity leaders discuss the current state of the market and which strategies will win.How is geopolitics impacting the investment landscape? 

    • What are the key macroeconomic and geopolitical risks impacting investor sentiment?
    • What are the leading investment themes over the next 12 months?
    • Where does South Korea fit into an Asia strategy?
    • How can private equity take advantage of current market turbulence?
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    South Korea: A flourishing deal market

    South Korea today is a productive deal market for the right kind of private equity investors. Chaebol divestments driven by restructuring, family succession, and business transformation, have all delivered deal opportunities. Nevertheless, as domestic growth plateaus and interest in IPOs slows down, fund managers are facing challenges at exit. Our panellists share their views on the best way to navigate towards solid returns.

    • How have South Korean companies been affected by China-US trade tensions and how can private equity help
    • How have private equity funds supported chaebol restructuring? Are activist investors creating new investment opportunities?
    • Where and how best to access deals against stronger corporate competition?
    • How are successful GPs exiting their investments?
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    Investing in private credit and debt: Is now a good time?

    The global private credit and debt market has grown tremendously, with AUM nearly tripling in the past decade. Since fundraising peaked last year, appetite has cooled amid concerns over market saturation. However, the asset class remains attractive for LPs because of predictable returns, steady cashflow, and lower risk. Experienced investors offer views on the state of the credit market.

    • How are macroeconomic issues, such as the global economic slowdown, rising interest rates, and geopolitics, impacting investments?
    • What strategies and regions will outperform?
    • Is the global private credit market ready for consolidation? How can GPs weather the storm?
    • How do Asian credit strategies compare to those in the US and Europe?
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    Fireside chat: Investing in 5G disruption

    5G is being touted as the next big innovation to revolutionise businesses and change lives. With its faster and more stable network, 5G will support new technological developments and transform business models across all industries. In this session, renowned investors and entrepreneurs discuss the application of 5G and the investment opportunities that come with it.

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    Investing in global venture capital

    Investor appetite for venture capital opportunities remains strong globally. More private investors, strategic buyers, and even LPs have been crowding into the space looking for the next billion-dollar idea. South Korea, with its engineering prowess and solid R&D, has attracted venture capital investment to create a number of unicorns. Our panel of international venture capitalists highlight the most promising opportunities in their home markets and predict the future of global innovation.

    • What will be the next ground-breaking innovation? Where can entrepreneurs be found?
    • How will the evolution of new technologies such as 5G, AI, and blockchain affect businesses?
    • How is the rise of corporate venture/strategic investors impacting the market?
    • Where do South Korean companies fit into the global picture? What can they learn from its peers to ramp-up its venture capital ecosystem?
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    Riding the wave of cross-border investments

    South Korean corporates are actively acquiring offshore to strengthen core businesses and seek market expansion beyond a stagnant local economy. Aside from the developed markets, they are also targeting Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam, with its growing base of young middle-class consumers. Despite the promise, smart strategies are the key to maximising this opportunity. Our panel of professionals discuss:

    • Which countries and sectors offer the best opportunities?
    • How can private equity firms support corporate buyers?
    • What are the common pitfalls, from deal negotiation to post-merger integration?
    • Case study: Key lessons learned and tips for success
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    LP spotlight: Embracing alternatives

    Savvy LPs are assessing new private markets strategies, such as niche funds, more Asian exposure, secondaries, and co-investments. Meanwhile, a new wave of institutional investors are venturing into alternatives in search of better returns. In this session, our panel of LPs share their objectives and expectations for fund managers.

    • Which asset classes, geographies, and strategies interest LPs most?
    • What do LPs consider when making allocations to different strategies?
    • What is the best approach to begin investing in Asian private equity: regional funds, country-specific funds, or funds-of-funds?
    • How can LPs successfully participate in co-investments in today’s market?
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