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    Registration and refreshments

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    Welcome address

  • 09:00

    Private markets in 2018/19

    Investors worldwide have flooded private markets with capital, triggering ever larger and faster fund raises across strategies, sectors, and regions. Amid intense competition, GPs need to maintain discipline and focus on entry valuations, while maximising value creation. Our panel examines the investment environment in 2018, Asia’s response to events, and how private investors can thrive in the current climate. 

    • How is geopolitics impacting the investment landscape? 
    • Where does Asia fit globally?
    • What is the impact of prolonged high valuations? How has this affected the investment cycle?
    • What opportunities offer the best returns?
    • How is the exit market evolving across Asia?

    Moderated by:
    Julie Yoon, Director, MINTZ GROUP
    Mark Barnhill, Partner, PLATINUM EQUITY
    Nicholas Bloy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Emmett Thomas, Partner, Head of Asia, ADVANTAGE PARTNERS
    Eric Xin, Senior Managing Director and Managing Partner, CITIC CAPITAL

  • 10:00

    Networking break

  • 10:30

    Korea: Where success has no limits

    Jinyo (J.Y) Jung, Deputy Director, INVEST KOREA (KOTRA)

  • 10:40

    South Korea: Asia’s consistent performer

    South Korea’s private equity market is flourishing, buoyed by investors at home and abroad. Deal flow is surging at every level led by chaebols’ restructuring, succession deals, and local players seeking partners to reach the next level. The bullish outlook is underpinned by robust exits via every channel. Our panel of experts assess the potential.

    • What are the most interesting opportunities from chaebol restructuring? 
    • Where is the proprietary small- and mid-cap deal flow?
    • How are cross-border strategies faring? What challenges do GPs face?
    • How do GPs develop compelling digital strategies for value creation?
    • How are successful GPs exiting their investments?

    Moderated by:
    Yi-Dong Kim, Partner, KPMG KOREA
    Soomin Kim, Partner, UNISON CAPITAL
    Chulmin Lee, Managing Partner, VIG PARTNERS
    Hae-Joon Lee Joseph, Partner & CIO, IMM PRIVATE EQUITY, INC.
    Jay Hyun Lee, Managing Director, Principal Investment Area, GOLDMAN SACHS

  • 11:30

    South Asian private equity update

    In this session, experts will deliver country-specific updates to showcase the opportunities, risks, expected returns, and sectors for investors who are evaluating these markets and looking for partners.

    Countries include:

    • Indonesia
    • Vietnam
    • Thailand
    • India

    Moderated by:
    Howard (Hyun) Lee, Managing Director / Head of BDA Seoul Office, BDA PARTNERS
    Bert Kwan, Managing Director, NORTHSTAR GROUP
    Sunil Mishra, Partner, ADAMS STREET PARTNERS
    Ranjit Shah, Managing Partner and Co-founder, GAJA CAPITAL

  • 12:15

    Networking lunch

  • 13:15

    The continued rise of South Korean private equity

    Richard Lee, Senior Partner, Leader of Korea Private Equity/Principal Investing Practice, MCKINSEY & COMPANY, KOREA OFFICE
    Boyoung Kim, Associate Partner, Leader of Korea Private Equity/Principal Investing practice, MCKINSEY & COMPANY, KOREA OFFICE

  • 13:45

    Global venture: The next wave of disruptive innovation

    Global venture looks set to scale a new peak. Digital transformation of the world’s major economies and disruptive innovation are providing fresh opportunities for historic returns. As more players crowd in, and early and late stage propositions face off, venture capital retains its allure. Our panel of venture capital experts discuss the current conditions and future expectations, including exciting sectors and how South Korean LPs should invest in today’s market.

    • Blockchain, AI, machine learning, and big data – How do these impact business?
    • Where are the most interesting innovations? Which sectors offer the greatest rewards?
    • Where does South Korea fit in global venture capital? How can local venture capitalists go global?
    • How is the makeup of LPs changing?
    • What IRR can LPs expect from venture capital in today’s market? How should investors value their assets?

    Moderated by:
    David York, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, TOP TIER CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Jeffrey Diehl, Managing Partner & Head of Investments, ADAMS STREET PARTNERS
    James Huang, Managing Partner, PANACEA VENTURE / KPCB CHINA
    Raj Ganguly, Co-Founder and Partner, B CAPITAL GROUP
    Heeeun Park, Principal, ALTOS VENTURES

  • 14:30

    The development of credit and debt strategies

    Private credit and debt is an increasingly attractive asset class. GPs have raised big funds for strategies spanning direct lending, distressed and stressed debt, infrastructure and real estate debt and mezzanine. Despite rising interest rates and stiff competition, opportunities abound, and LPs’ appetites continue to grow. Our panel offers insights into prospects and strategies worldwide.

    • What are the different debt strategies available to LPs?
    • What are the risks/returns propositions for each strategy?
    • Which sectors offer the most promise for debt investors?
    • Will expected interest rates hikes create challenges or opportunities?
    • What are returns like globally and in Asia?

    Moderated by:
    Greg Belonogoff, Principal, CARVAL INVESTORS
    Wooseok Jun, Managing Director, Head of Korea – Equity and Mezzanine, ICG
    Jamie Kim, Managing Director, ADM CAPITAL

  • 15:15

    Networking coffee break

  • 15:45

    Hot sector focus: Opportunities in infrastructure

    More capital is expected to pour in the infrastructure space with investors worldwide confident of growth – despite growing protectionism and closing markets. How will fund managers deal with current challenges – including record levels of dry powder, competition for deals from mega-LPs, and a fitful pipeline of large-cap opportunities – and remain successful? Our panel of experts will discuss the year ahead for global infrastructure investing.

    • What effect could rising interest rates have on global infrastructure?
    • How could trade issues and protectionism affect global infrastructure opportunities?
    • How has the infrastructure landscape evolved and does this affect fund managers’ approaches?
    • What geographies and sectors are most interesting? How does South Korea compare?
    • How can domestic LPs select the right partners and venues for infrastructure investments?

    Moderated by:
    Mike Kim, Vice President, BLACKROCK
    Najeeb Haider, Manager, Investment Operations Department III, ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BANK (AIIB)
    Jake (Jong Kwan) Lee, Head of Infrastructure, Alternative Investment Department, HYUNDAI INSURANCE
    Allard Ruijs, Partner, DIF

  • 16:30

    LPs’ views: What, where, and why to invest in alternatives in 2018 and beyond

    South Korean LPs have become seasoned alternatives investors, accessing multiple strategies. Some are reviewing the asset class – faced with expected interest rate rises, high valuations, and potential market correction. Meanwhile, newer LPs with nascent programmes present a new source of capital for GPs. Our panel of domestic LPs share their views on the current market and discuss where they are looking for alpha.

    • Which assets classes, geographies, and strategies interest LPs most? Are more LPs making larger allocations to Asia as it is getting matured?
    • Big buyout or modest mid-cap? Regional or country specific? Niche or generalist?
    • How do LPs consider the various debt strategies available in the market?
    • What do LPs look for in co-investment? How should they approach this?
    • How important is currency risk to portfolio management?

    Moderated by:
    Shin Kim, Partner, Hong Kong & Seoul, STEPSTONE GROUP
    Jay Huh, Head of Global Private Equity Investments, KOREA INVESTMENT CORPORATION (KIC)
    Dong Hun Jang, Chief Investment Officer, PUBLIC OFFICIALS BENEFIT ASSOCIATION (POBA)
    Seung-Ho Kim, Managing Director, HYUNDAI MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE
    Philip SJ Yoon, Head of Overseas Corporate Finance Team, KOREAN TEACHERS’ CREDIT UNION

  • 17:30

    Closing remarks and networking cocktail