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  • 21st June 2018

  • 08:30

    Registration and refreshments

  • 08:55

    Opening remarks

  • 09:00

    Committing to responsible investment

    Global LPs, are increasingly factoring in ESG as part of the decision-making process when selecting fund managers. In recent years, Japanese GPs and LPs have illustrated their commitment to ESG, with GPIF leading the way as an influencer for other LPs to follow suit. In this session, our panel of leading expert GPs and LPs will discuss what constitutes as best practice in responsible investment, plus how to convert a policy into reality.

    • What does a good responsible investment policy look like?
    • How are LPs taking ESG into account when making their allocation decision?
    • How do successful fund managers integrate ESG strategies into their investments to maximise value and impact?
    • How are Japanese GPs implementing, measuring, and reporting ESG activities?
    • How is an improvement in ESG issues translating into a higher exit premium?
  • 09:45

    Asian private equity: Building a portfolio of winners in a sea of opportunities

    Asian private equity has seen plenty of ups and downs in recent years. Nevertheless, the volume of capital now under management has surpassed all expectations. As the asset class continues to mature in the region, GPs are evolving to add to their offerings and institutionalise their firms to attract a wider LP base. Our Asian experts will share their thoughts on delivering performance in the current environment, as well as how LPs should commit to the region to ensure they have a diversified portfolio.

    • What strategies are attracting LPs to funds, and where have we seen the best returns?
    • How can new LPs looking at Asia create a balanced portfolio across the region?
    • How do managers maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive market?
    • Are spin-out funds with niche strategies and terms garnering interest?
  • 10:30

    Networking coffee break

  • 11:00

    Innovation Japan: Making an impact on the global stage

    The potential for Japan to make a greater impact on the global venture stage is clear. A burgeoning corporate venture capital industry, along with a small but successful venture capital community helping entrepreneurs already exists. However, there is a funding gap in the growth capital space and innovative Japanese firms have yet to harness a global pool of investors or customer base in any meaningful way. In this session, a group of investors and entrepreneurs will discuss the steps required for Japan to live up to its potential as an innovation nation.

    • What are the different debt strategies available to LPs?
    • How do you foster global thinking when Japan is still a local market?
    • What can be done to improve the lack of expertise in commercialising tech innovation?
    • What strategies are venture capitalists using to quickly scale companies and take them global?
    • How can corporate venture capital help, and what is its role?
    • What technologies are Japanese start-ups displaying expertise?
  • 11:45

    The rise in demand for credit and debt

    Credit and debt offerings are expected to continue to be popular investment options for institutional investors in the near term, due to their liquidity and low-risk characteristics. Recently, many GPs have raised considerable debt funds and found the deal pipeline to be strong. Naturally, there is a growing appetite among LPs towards debt strategies, as they search for portfolio diversification and strive to combat the J-Curve. Options are wide-ranging, and one stop shops that cover direct lending, distressed and stressed debt, structured products and mezzanine, and as well as single credit strategies are all attracting attention. Our panel will offer insight into strategies across the globe, and will discuss how LPs can take advantage of this gap in the market, both at home and abroad.

    • What are the different debt strategies available to LPs?
    • How does the risk profiled compare between senior and mezzanine opportunities?
    • What are returns like globally, and in Asia specifically?
    • How can domestic LPs access the opportunity? 
  • 12:30

    LPs’ views on Japan and beyond

    The world offers a myriad of strategies, fund types, specialties, and terms. Do you commit big to a handful of mega funds, or seek out a niche country only managers with deep-rooted connections and expertise know about? LP interest in Japan has risen sharply in recent years so how and when are commitments being made and how does the Japan strategy compliment a diversified portfolio.  

    • Which are the most interesting sectors, regions, and strategies?
    • Have LPs adjusted their expectations for returns from Asia?
    • Why is Japan gaining more interest?
    • Is manager consolidation the way of the future?
    • How are co-investment strategies developing in Asia?
  • 14:00

    Close of conference