• Thursday, 25 April 2019

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    Registration and refreshments

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    Welcome address

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    Opening address

    Taimur Baig, Managing Director and Chief Economist, DBS BANK

  • 09:25

    LP and GP outlook: The industry view on Indonesia

    While Indonesia is an attractive market for private equity investors thanks to its strong macro fundamentals, sourcing large-cap deals remains a protracted process as family owners look for partners they can trust. However, the market is starting to heat up with the influx of international strategic and private equity/venture capital investors. An international panel will discuss:

    • What is the outlook given the rise of political, trade, and macro risks?
    • What are the opportunities across the asset classes?
    • How do LPs and GPs view Indonesia against the rest of the region?
    • Have returns and been as expected and what are the sources of liquidity?

    Moderated by: Lee Taylor, Partner, Head of M&A/Private Equity, Asia Pacific, KING & SPALDING LLP
    Arnold Castillon, Executive Director, Co-Country Head – Indonesia, TAEL PARTNERS
    Cyrus Driver, Managing Director, Head Private Equity Asia, PARTNERS GROUP
    Edwin Fua, Partner, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Wai Leng Leong, Managing Director, CDPQ
    Sujey Subramanian, Managing Director, PAG ASIA CAPITAL

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    Networking coffee break

  • 10:55

    Infrastructure & logistics play: The investors view of the next five years

    The Indonesian government has infrastructure as one of its key priorities for investment, as a way of enabling economic growth and improving connectivity and living standards. Furthermore, Indonesia looks set to see more private equity investment in its growing infrastructure & logistics space, as an early phase of government-dominated investment transitions into a more complex financing environment. A panel of international investors will share their thoughts on the topic and discuss:

    • What are the priority projects and how can PE players gain access?
    • What can private investors offer in addition to funding?
    • What are the opportunities in logistics and transport?
    • How are international LPs planning to commit to the market?

    Moderated by: Simon Cowled, Partner, KING & SPALDING LLP
    Kanishk Bhatia, Head of Infrastructure Investments, ARA INFRASTRUCTURE
    Bruce R. Crane, Managing Director, OMERS INFRASTRUCTURE
    Rainier Haryanto, Principal, KPMG
    Adam Worthington, Managing Director, Private Capital Markets, MACQUARIE CAPITAL

  • 11:40

    Spotlight on cross-border deals

    Despite the global political and trade challenges, the number of cross-border deals continues to rise. Moreover, the level of interest Indonesia is attracting is unparalleled, as strategic investors at home and abroad, private equity and venture capital players, and businesses from all around the region look to benefit from the rising tech-enabled tide.

    • What is driving the changing mindset of traditional businesses with regards to investment risk?
    • How do tech giants fit into the picture and will this disrupt the landscape?
    • What sectors attract the most investment and why?
    • How can local companies expand across the region?

    Moderated by: John R. Spence, Regional Head, M&A and Strategy, Asia, GENERALI ASIA
    Nazier Ariffin, Head of Strategic Investments, TELKOMSEL
    D. Cyril Noerhadi, Senior Managing Director, CREADOR
    Rebekah Woo, Managing Director, Maternal Infant & Family, FOSUN

  • 12:20

    View from the frontline of Indonesia and SEA private equity

    Asia had a record PE year in terms of value of deals and exits in 2018.  While this was dominated by China and India, SEA had a solid year, with deal value well above the preceding 5-year average.  However, some concerning trends surfaced that are relevant to the SEA and Indonesia markets, with investors having to deal with high prices in an environment where interest rates started rising, and a decline in the volume and value of small and mid-sized exits as well as fundraising challenges for less experienced vehicles.  We will dive into a view from the front line of Indonesia and SEA investors on several issues that are relevant to the future thriving of GPs, such as:

    • What are the most top of mind issues keeping GPs up at night with respect to deal-making in Indonesia?  How does that compare with neighboring markets?
    • Is there a risk of more market bifurcation in terms of who attracts LP money?
    • How do PE investors feel about the current pressure to invest in internet and new economy deals (in previous eras, left more to VCs)?
    • Do Indonesia and SEA investors see that the sources of deal returns have to shift in a rising interest rate environment?
    • A few emerging themes that GPs and other direct investors here can work on to differentiate in this environment

    Usman Akhtar, Partner, BAIN & COMPANY

  • 12:45

    Networking lunch

  • 13:45

    Fireside chat

    Nicholas A. Nash, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, ASIA PARTNERS
    Tim Burroughs, Managing Editor, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL

  • 14:15

    Venture capital: The late-stage funding dilemma

    Indonesia is considered unique among Southeast Asian markets for having the sheer size to support the creation of domestic technology giants. However, for all the fervour surrounding technology opportunities in Indonesia, independent local venture capital firms are still thin on the ground. While traditional LPs want to see more evidence of performance before getting involved, the funding gap in late-stage rounds is mainly filled by tech giants.

    • How has the venture capital landscape changed in the last three years?
    • What sectors provide the best opportunities for scalability?
    • Is technology driving the investment thesis?
    • How is the late-stage funding gap being addressed?

    Moderated by: Donald Wihardja, Partner, CONVERGENCE VENTURES
    JinA Bae, Head of Corporate Venture, HANWHA ASSET MANAGEMENT
    David Gowdey, Managing Partner, JUNGLE VENTURES  
    Yoshi Okubo, VP Investment, EV GROWTH
    Radith Soeriadinata, Country Director, Indonesia, FUNDNEL

  • 15:00

    Networking coffee break

  • 15:30

    Harnessing healthcare disruption

    Whether it is healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and hospitals – the medical and health space has proven a very rewarding sector for investors across Southeast Asia. Cross-border synergies and the opportunity to scale regionally are part of the attraction. This is especially true for Indonesia where the healthcare industry over the last five years has grown at double the rate of the economy.

    • What is the size of the healthcare opportunity in Indonesia?
    • What impact is technology having on healthcare business models?
    • How difficult is it to scale across the region?
    • Are valuations on the rise?

    Moderated by: Melissa Kang, Founder and Managing Partner, JUPITER IMPACT PARTNERS
    Nathanael Faibis, Chief Executive Officer, ALODOKTER
    Seemant Jauhari, Managing Partner, HEALTHXCAPITAL
    Farouk Meralli, Founder and CEO, MCLINICA
    Jon Richards, CFO, HALODOC

  • 16:10

    Embracing the digital future

    As technology redefines boundaries and business models across numerous industries, the potential for disruption is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to solve real problems in healthcare, education, and finance, to name a few. Bullishness with regards to Indonesia’s young digital economy has been encouraged by a handful of venture capital-backed homeruns and promising demographics. In 2017, there were 83 million Indonesian digital consumers. This was up from 35 million the year before, and there is still plenty of room for growth.

    • How is the digital economy changing Indonesia?
    • What technology shifts will make the most impact over the next five to ten years?
    • What level of adaption is need for technology driven platforms to succeed in Indonesia?
    • What does the future hold and how can investors be at the forefront?

    Moderated by: Tee Plern Suraphongchai, Managing Partner, KORU PARTNERS
    Pravan Malhotra, Head of Internet Investments, INTERNAIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION
    Vorapol Supanusonti, Co-Founder and Managing Director, ASIA PARTNERS
    Alda Wardhana, Vice President, Investments, SMDV

  • 16:50

    Real estate and tourism opportunities

    With strong demographics and rapid urbanisation, the real estate sector appears to be catching the eye of foreign investors. From tourism to residential and commercial, the sector is attracting significant interest and tech savvy entrepreneurs are entering the market with both traditional and disruptive business models. A panel of experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges for investors.

    • What real estate segments are proving to be the most attractive?
    • How attractive is the sector for foreign investors?
    • What are the policy and regulatory changes?
    • What are the potential challenges for investors?

    Moderated by: Serge L. Lépine, Managing Partner, CABOT CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Melanie Alshab, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Avisor Board of Commissioners, NWP RETAIL

  • 17:30

    Close of conference and cocktail reception