• Wednesday, 7 October 2020

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    Where does Indonesia fit in the investment landscape?

    Although Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia, and home to multiple unicorns underpinning the growth opportunity befitting the market’s size, other markets such as Vietnam and Malaysia appear to be catching up, if not taking the lead, when it comes to investments. Growing pains can influence investors as they monitor the regions fundamentals as a destination that can absorb capital and deliver reliable returns. Senior fund managers and investors discuss the underlying challenges for success in this market, as well as what needs to happen over the next five years for Indonesia to mature.

    • What is the current state of the market?
    • How attractive is Indonesia compared to other emerging markets?
    • What questions are LPs asking when considering Indonesia?
    • What are the current opportunities across the alternative asset class?
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    Networking coffee break

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    Cross-border growth

    Due to geopolitics and a maturing industry landscape, investors across the spectrum are increasingly looking for opportunities in the region. This changing landscape provides a platform for companies who have achieved success in multiple markets to become regional champions, or else risk being beaten to the punch by their competitors. This is where private equity, venture capital, and strategic investors come in, as they try to back the potential winners.

    • How can you navigate cross-border growth in a fragmented and diverse market?
    • Who are the regional champions and what sectors will produce new champions?
    • Are cross-border opportunities being capitalised to the full extent?
    • What challenges remain for the region to become a single market?
  • 12:00

    Building for the future: Infrastructure and logistics

    As the largest island country in the world, Indonesia faces unique challenges to increase economic prosperity. The rise of the digital economy and infrastructure investment are key drivers for growth. However, in a market where logistics account for 20% of consumer operational costs, e-commerce and delivery-based models arguably have more exposure to infrastructure challenges than anywhere else. Our speakers discuss:

    • What is the current infrastructure development pipeline?
    • How are companies navigating the logistical landscape?
    • To what extent has digitalisation altered the business environment?
    • What are the most attractive opportunities in infrastructure and logistics?
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    Networking lunch

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    Fireside chat

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    The tech conundrum: Achieving sustainable and profitable growth

    With the IPO markets across the globe stuttering, partly due to several high-profile blunders, investor enthusiasm for highly valued yet unprofitable companies seem to be quickly waning. With valuations going down rapidly, industry insiders are predicting a tech winter with wide-reaching repercussions. Our senior panel will discuss the current landscape and address the profitability vs growth conundrum.

    • Has there been a reset on valuations and fundraising in Indonesia/Southeast Asia?
    • Are investors more focused on profitability now?
    • Can sustainable growth be achieved without partners with deep pockets?
    • Is fundraising being affected at all by the wobbles in the IPO market?
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    Networking coffee break

  • 15:30

    Hands-on venture capital: Playing a role in value creation

    In a climate of abundant capital, venture capital investors remain competitive by finding ways to make themselves relevant and useful to entrepreneurs. Post-investment services are increasingly part of the engagement toolkit, whether it involves serving as a high-level sounding board to founders or helping with recruitment, marketing, and finance. A panel of investors discuss their hands-on efforts to drive value creation in start-ups.

    • Where do entrepreneurs tend to require the most support?
    • To what extent do venture capitalists use third-party consultants?
    • What is the process for scaling back resources for struggling start-ups? 
    • How is change effected in situations where founders and investors do not agree? 
  • 16:15

    Venture capital and the changing deal environment

    Private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and strategic players are all active in this space, as are multi-strategy venture capital firms keen to continue backing portfolio companies – and make new investments – in later-stage rounds. Our seasoned industry practitioners consider the implications of broader investor participation in what traditionally is venture capital territory.

    • Are LPs questioning the legitimacy of venture capital investment in Indonesia/Southeast Asia?
    • How prominent is corporate venture capital and strategic investment in the ecosystem?
    • What are the pros and cons of backing a multi-strategy venture capital firm?
    • What is the role of technology and is Indonesia creating technologies and platforms that can be exported?
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    Close of conference and cocktail reception