AVCJ India Private Markets Investor Spotlight 2021

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    Welcome Remarks

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    Investment outlook: Private markets in 2021 and beyond

    Although 2020 has been a challenging year due to the pandemic, Indian private equity has seen some positive and even record-breaking deals in certain sectors where growth has shone through. While this might help to jump start investments in 2021, certain sectors have been hit but the fundamentals of the India story mean the sectors that have seen a boost and are already staples of the domestic private markets players, like healthcare, ecommerce, tech and education, are strongly positioned for savvy investors to cease the moment. Our panel of private market experts will discuss how they view the current state of play in India, the areas they will be targeting for growth and the challenges the industry is facing in 2021 and beyond.

    • What is the private markets outlook in each asset class?
    • Will the high levels of dry-powder supercharge deal-making in 2021?
    • What sectors are most attractive and how are they being accessed?
    • How will GPs source exits in 2021?
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    The Distressed landscape: Picking the winners

    In the last few years distressed specialists and private equity players alike turned their eye to the India market as an appealing private credit opportunity. The pandemic has now firmly put the distressed investment opportunity in the spotlight and investors are increasingly clinching deals at fair valuations amid the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. With many companies going bankrupt, the size of the distressed market is ever increasing, prompting investors to fill the gap and enter the asset class creating an opportunity for GPs and LPs that are willing and able to pivot their approach to distressed investing. Our expert panelists discuss the Indian credit environment and what the future holds for this promising sector.

    • How big is the distressed investing opportunity in India?
    • What strategies are credit investors facing in managing these types of assets?
    • What is the LP appetite for credit exposure?
    • Which type of distressed investment will be the most attractive in 2021?
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    Technology, innovation and investment: The digital battleground of the future

    As the pandemic hit in 2020, most of the investment activity around the world slowed down. India was no exception, however large-scale tech investment combined with a vibrant ecosystem and a robust internet industry contributed to a significant rebound later in the year. With an outward-looking IT industry capitalising on rapidly changing business models and accelerated digitalization, India is uniquely positioned to ride the wave and propel world class companies to the global stage. Our experts discuss the current investment landscape and why India is the place to be for the technology giants and those trying to emulate them.

    • How will the post-pandemic tech landscape look in India?
    • What sectors offer the best opportunities?
    • What role can private equity play in tech deals besides being minority investors?
    • Can India take the lead in the global digital efforts and is it becoming the next battleground for tech giants?
    • How difficult is to find balance between regulation and innovation? Would increased scrutiny on privacy and other regulation hinder tech investment?

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