• 17th July 2018

  • 08:00

    Registration and refreshments

  • 08:30

    Opening remarks and market overview

  • 09:00

    Keynote address

    Patrick Charbonneau, Managing Director, Infrastructure Investments, PSP INVESTMENTS

  • 09:30

    The regional story: Accessing Asian infrastructure the right way

    Governments across Asia have made infrastructure development a key priority. Estimates are that the region requires billions in funding for a range of projects including roads, water treatment and distribution facilities, telecommunications networks, energy generation plants, air and sea networks, and mining operations. For investors, Asia is a riskier proposition than the mature economies in the west, so where are the key investment destinations? In this session, a panel of Asia-focused experts will share their strategies for effective investing and delivering returns across the region.

    • Which countries have made the most progress in establishing an effective institutional framework to attract private sector participation?
    • How and when should international LPs look to commit to the region?
    • Where are the most attractive long-term opportunities and what are the most effective structures to access them?
    • How have PPP structures evolved across the region?
    • What opportunities will the rise of corporates entering the infrastructure market create for investors?

    Moderated by: Alice Thuillier, Senior Investment Officer, IFC
    Michael Barrow, Director General, Private Sector Operations, ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK
    Cyril Cabanes, Vice-President, Head of Infrastructure Investments Asia-Pacific, CAISSE DE DÉPÔT ET PLACEMENT DU QUÉBEC (CDPQ)
    Grant Dooley, Chief Executive Officer, ARA INFRASTRUCTURE

  • 10:30

    Networking coffee break

  • 11:00

    Investing in transport infrastructure around the region

    Rapid urbanisation and increased mobility is driving the need for better transport infrastructure and networks and the financing require is highlighted by the Bangkok-Rayong high speed rail project. In addition, to rail, roads and bridges, we are seeing a range of interesting opportunities around the region in airports and rail. In this session a panel of experts will discuss the current and future crop of projects and how private investors can gain access.

    • What is the pipeline of deals for the next 12 months?
    • How can PPPs help close the transportation investment funding gap?
    • How can private investors gain access?
    • Where are the best opportunities – rail, road or airports?

    Moderated by: Adolfo Dindo Abueg, Co-Head Project Finance, Asia Pacific, KOREA DEVELOPMENT BANK
    Devarshi Das, CEO, CAPASIA
    Daniel Mallo, Head of Energy, Infrastructure and Metals & Mining - Asia Pacific, SOCIETE GENERALE - HONG KONG
    Harold Tjiptadjaja, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, INDONESIA INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE
    Bin Chye Tan, Director, Finance, High Speed Rail Group, LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY

  • 11:45

    Embracing innovation and disruption in infrastructure

    Technology will disrupt a wide range of traditional industries. Automation, robotics, new energy storage solutions, and advancements in digital technologies will dictate the make-up of infrastructure in the future. The race to develop the next game-changing technologies, such as battery storage or the driverless electric car, will no doubt impact investment theses in ways never before experienced. In this session, a panel of seasoned experts will discuss how you can safeguard your investment future and turn risks into opportunities by future-proofing your current and next investments.

    • How do you make sure your long-term infrastructure investments are future-proof
    • How do you develop your capabilities to track and react to industry disruption?
    • How will battery storage revolutionise the energy market, and what projects are on the horizon?
    • What technologies will be introduced into the smart cities of the future?

    Moderated by: Simon Cowled, Partner, KING & SPALDING
    Gordon Falconer, Global Director, Smart Cities, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
    Jie Gong, Partner, PANTHEON VENTURES
    Anthony Muh, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, H.R.L. MORRISON & CO

  • 12:30

    Networking lunch

  • 13:30

    A new dawn for renewable energy

    A renewed drive for supportive policy, supply-side cost reduction, and high-quality operators are providing fertile ground for increased investment in renewable energy infrastructure. So which sectors of renewables are most investable – hydro, solar or wind – and how are investors executing deals and picking where to invest? And will the pressure on asset owners to divest from fossil fuels and adopt a more sustainability-focused approach significantly increase long-term investment in clean energy infrastructure? In this session, experts will discuss which technologies, projects, and funding structures stack up for investors.

    • What types of renewable energy investments have delivered the best returns?
    • How are deals in the renewables space being structured?
    • What challenges remain in obtaining finance, and how are these being overcome?
    • How is the rise of corporate power purchase agreements impacting the sector?
    • Are frontier markets beginning to attract investments and how are deals being executed?
    • What is the outlook for the development of green bonds, and other innovations in climate finance?

    Moderated by: Rob Clow, Asia Pacific Editor, SPARKSPREAD
    Timothy Histed, Head, South and South East Asia, MULTILATERAL INVESTMENT GUARANTEE AGENCY (MIGA)
    Jerome Ortiz, Vice President and Head of Finance, Asia, 8MINTENERGY RENEWABLES
    Geoffrey Tan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, OVERSEAS PRIVATE INVESTMENT CORPORATION

  • 14:15

    Infrastructure asset management: Creating long-term value

    Identifying and developing a comprehensive value creation strategy for asset management is critical for infrastructure investors today. The success or failure of an investment often amounts to the investor’s ability to manage key stakeholders, as well as develop and achieve buy-in to a holistic whole-of-life plan for driving operational excellence. In this session, a panel of experts will share real-life examples of asset management value creation, and describe how to develop, execute, and manage a long-term plan.

    • How can asset managers deliver operations efficiencies and value creation?
    • How should you approach operational value creation on different assets?
    • Can ESG be a driver for value creation?
    • Why do some improvement initiatives fall short of their intended goals?
    • What type of expertise should you have in your team in 2018?

    Moderated by: Sharad Somani, Partner & Head of Infrastructure Advisory, ASPAC Head for Power & Utilities, KPMG
    Daniel Hu, Managing Director, Overseas Infrastructure Fund Department, CHINA EVERBRIGHT LIMITED
    Anthony Muh, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, H.R.L. MORRISON & CO
    Danny Samuel, Chief Executive Officer (Asia Pacific), IL&FS TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS LIMITED, INDIA (ITNL)      

  • 15:00

    Networking coffee break

  • 15:30

    The institutional investor spotlight: Where, when, and how to invest in Southeast Asian infrastructure

    For many institutional investors, Southeast Asia remains a niche market: too small or too risky for a dedicated allocation. Political uncertainties and governance issues seem to always be apparent to some degree, but for infrastructure investors, the greater issue is being able to find the right partners and deals that will deliver returns. However, the need for infrastructure investment is massive and if LPs can find partners that can navigate the landscape, then the rewards are huge. In this session a group of international LPs will debate this compelling market, the case for committing their capital, and where they place the region on the risk and reward scale.

    • How can investors navigate the fragmented markets in the region? 
    • How do LPs view Southeast Asia compared with the rest of the world?
    • Is Southeast Asia only viable when viewed as one investment destination, or do LPs investigate specific countries in the region?
    • What have been the returns so far on infrastructure investments in the region?
    • Which markets and sectors present the best outlook in Southeast Asia?

    Moderated by: Wen Tan, Private Markets, ABERDEEN STANDARD INVESTMENTS
    Bruce R. Crane, Managing Director, OMERS INFRASTRUCTURE
    Sandiren Curthan, Director - Infrastructure Investments, PSP INVESTMENTS
    Boon Chin Hau, Managing Director, Infrastructure, Head, Asia & Emerging Markets, GIC

  • 16:15

    Meet the Asia experts roundtables

    In these interactive discussions, groups will each be assigned a country with an investment expert in this geography. In an environment designed to promote sharing and networking, they will deeply examine the risks and opportunities facing that region.

    Specialist roundtables on some of the most attractive and intriguing locations for investors will include the following:

    • India
      Danny Samuel, Chief Executive Officer (Asia Pacific), IL&FS TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS LIMITED, INDIA (ITNL)
    • Philippines
      Simon Cowled, Partner, KING & SPALDING
    • Indonesia
      Mason Wallick, Managing Director, INFUNDE DEVELOPMENT PTD. LTD.
    • Vietnam
      Prabaljit Sarkar, Director, Business Development, INFRACO ASIA
  • 17:15

    Cocktail reception