12th November, 2018
Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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    Welcome address

    Morgan Slebos, Head of Responsible Investment Programmes, PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (PRI)

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    What are the drivers for ESG in Asian private equity?

    According to the GSIA, sustainable investments under management reached US$52 billion in Asia in 2016. In the private equity space, whilst government pension funds and sovereign wealth funds in the region have been spearheading the integration of ESG into their investment processes, the uptake from other industry players has been slower. This can be attributed to the rapid growth in emerging markets and the misconstrued belief that there is a performance trade-off that comes with sustainable investing. Join key industry players in a discussion to explore the macro and micro factors affecting regional opportunities in ESG investing, as well as dispel misunderstandings, and shed light on how ESG relates to the bottom line.

    • What is the current state of play of ESG integration across Asia? 
    • What are some regulations, policy drivers, and best practices that different countries have adopted? 
    • How can ESG screening can help reduce investment risks in emerging markets?
    • What can local fund managers learn from their European counterparts in terms of ESG and responsible investing?

    Moderated by: Jie Gong, Partner, PANTHEON VENTURES
    Michael Octoman, Senior Partner and COO, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Morgan Slebos, Head of Responsible Investment Programmes, PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (PRI)
    Anders Strömblad, Head of Alternative Investments, AP2
    Frank Tang, Chairman and CEO, FOUNTAINVEST PARTNERS

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    Fireside Chat – Impact investing in Asia: What is the opportunity?

    Doug Coulter, Partner, LGT CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Chang Sun, Managing Partner, China, TPG

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    Networking coffee break

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    A practical guide to setting up an ESG framework

    There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to responsible investing. Therefore, for GPs that are taking their first concrete steps in developing a policy framework, knowing where to begin can be a challenging task. Hear on-the-ground advice from global and regional GPs that have successfully implemented ESG strategies within their investment process and learn from others that have only recently set up their own ESG policies. 

    • What sort of practical challenges have experienced funds faced when implementing ESG into their business strategy, and is there anything they would have done differently?
    • What are the very first steps you should take as a firm?
    • When setting up a policy framework, what criteria should be taken into consideration? E.g. international standards, size of fund, and jurisdiction.
    • What skills are needed internally to implement ESG? How are different firms resourcing their approach to ESG and working with the deal team?

    Moderated by: Natasha Buckley, Investment Practices Senior Manager - Private Equity, PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (PRI)
    Katsuya Baba, Partner, ADVANTAGE PARTNERS
    Adam Black, Head of ESG & Sustainability, COLLER CAPITAL
    David Katz, Director and Head of Public Affairs, Asia Pacific, KKR ASIA
    Decio Nascimento, Chief Investment Officer, RICHMOND GLOBAL COMPASS
    Michael Woolley, Client Portfolio Manager, EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS

  • 12:00

    Case study: The role of private equity in delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Private equity has the potential to drive change at scale and speed. Hear the perspectives of a top ESG and sustainability leader from the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets, EMPEA, who will discuss the latest trends in impact investing and potential frameworks for metrics, with analysis from EMPEA’s recent practitioner-led report on “Private Equity’s Role in Delivering the SDGs.” Learn more about how investors in Asia can make commercial returns while delivering social impact and how to navigate the challenges, as well as what LPs need to know before investing in an impact fund and selecting a fund manager.

    Steven R. Okun, CEO, APAC Advisors & ASEAN Representative, EMPEA

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    Developing a meaningful ESG reporting framework

    The challenges and complexities of fund reporting and monitoring on ESG have been discussed at length at previous AVCJ ESG Forums. The PRI has teamed up with consultant partner ERM and has this year launched definitive guidance on ESG monitoring, reporting and dialogue in private equity. Join for an overview of current LP monitoring practices for ESG and to familiarise with the meaningful reporting practices that are being recommended by the PRI.

    Natasha Buckley, Investment Practices Senior Manager - Private Equity, PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (PRI)
    Jaideep Das, Partner, ERM

  • 13:50

    ESG reporting and engagement in practice

    Listen to our panel of experts discuss what can be done to ensure that a firm conducts a meaningful ESG engagement with its portfolio companies and other stakeholders, and implements an effective reporting system throughout the investment process that help it address the sustainability risks and opportunities in its portfolio.

    • How can we avoid ESG engagement from becoming a ‘tick-box’ exercise and instead have a meaningful reporting output that supports value enhancement during hold-period?
    • Practical steps for building a reporting system across the portfolio and how can smaller firms adopt such good practices?
    • Emerging trends, best practice and local sensitivities to be aware of?
    • How can GPs make sense of evolving LP requirements, i.e. on carbon footprinting and also address wider stakeholder transparency requirements (e.g. listing requirements and customer demands)

    Moderated by: Jaideep Das, Partner, ERM
    Emma Biddles, Portfolio Operations Director - Environmental and Social, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Richard Goldman, Head of Market Development, North Asia, REFINITIV
    Cornelia Gomez, Head of ESG and Sustainability, PAI PARTNERS
    Mark Watson, Head of Sustainable Development, JOHN SWIRE & SONS

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    Networking coffee break

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    LP perspectives on responsible investment

    With the belief that this will contribute to fund performance, LPs are increasingly engaging with GPs to ensure that they have effective ESG investment mandates set up before they commit capital. In recent years, investors have become exposed to higher levels of risk, and this is particularly evident in Asia, where LPs have been committing more capital. Join our panel of leading LPs in discussing how ESG figures into their priorities when selecting, engaging, and monitoring a GP.

    • As an LP, what sort of ESG factors need to be considered before selecting a fund manager? 
    • For LPs investing in emerging markets, what are some additional ESG risks that should be considered?
    • What expectations do regional and global LPs have for GPs in terms of their commitment to ESG across the investment lifecycle? 
    • How can LPs effectively engage and monitor GPs to ensure adherence to ESG commitments?

    Moderated by: Vincent Hsu, Managing Director, STEPSTONE GROUP
    Shannon Chow, Principal, HAMILTON LANE
    Ralph Keitel, Principal Investment Officer and Regional Lead East Asia, Private Equity Funds,
    Joel Posters, Head of Investment Stewardship and ESG, FUTURE FUND
    Sulian Tay, Managing Director, TEMASEK

  • 15:50

    Case study: GP’s internal ESG responsibilities

    Globally, LPs are prioritising GP behaviour as a concern, and are looking into ways to understand issues such as corporate governance and diversity within a firm. Hear from an example where a GP effectively implemented ESG standards within their own company, and the steps they have taken to ensure that their culture and policies are reflective of what they expect from their portfolio companies.

    Adam Black, Head of ESG & Sustainability, COLLER CAPITAL

  • 16:20

    Roundtable discussions

    Moderated by industry leaders, the roundtable discussions focus on trending sectors in the ESG space and cover topics such as regulatory issues, impacts on businesses, as well as responsible investment opportunities. 

    • ESG - as the driver for value creation, how to improve performance and maximise the upside
      Anne Copeland, Managing Director & Sustainability Advisor, COPELAND & PARTNERS

    • Global food sustainability, innovation and investments
      David Yeung, CEO and Co-Founder, GREEN MONDAY

    • Tackling carbon reduction and climate change from a private equity perspective
      Cornelia Gomez, Head of ESG and Sustainability, PAI PARTNERS

    • What is your plastic footprint? -  the question that can change the world
      Douglas Woodring, Founder and Managing Director, OCEAN RECOVERY ALLIANCE
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    Close of conference and cocktail reception