AVCJ 中国论坛是将国内外顶尖投资者与全球资本市场连接在一起的良好桥梁,同时创建了一个有巨大前景的商业合作框架。

陈永岚, 董事总经理兼亚太中国区总裁, 法国欧瑞泽基金集团

The caliber of panelists was of a very high quality.

Barry Lau, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer (Private Investments), ADAMAS ASSET MANAGEMENT

The AVCJ China Forum is an influential event in the private equity and venture capital community in China, which brought together industry professionals and thought leaders to discuss the hottest opportunities and explore strategies to tap the ever-changing Chinese PE market. It offered a great platform to meet with LPs across the region.

David H. Liu, Chairman, DCP investments

The AVCJ China Forum was a high value gathering, with authoritative and substantive speakers and ample opportunity to network and connect to a serious investment community.

It is rare to find some 200 hundred China investment experts and decision makers of such caliber, from across China and broader Asia, under one roof. The market knowledge and future strategic orientation of the companies and individuals present at the AVCJ China Forum provided greater insight into future directions of the China economy, and anticipated behavior of Chinese consumers going forward, than any recent conference I have attended.

Ron Hoffmann, Alberta’s Senior Representative, ASIA PACIFIC BASIN

The AVCJ China Forum is a tremendously meaningful event, pooling together leading players in the private equity, venture capital, and corporate M&A sectors, as well as service providers. It greatly facilitates the exchange and sharing of diverse industry information, trends, and insights.

Jay Weng, Director, Strategic M&A and Direct Investments, CHINA VANKE

Great leaders, great thoughts, and great sharing.

Jenny Wu, Managing Partner, BAIDU CAPITAL