Private equity’s central role in China’s economic evolution

The AVCJ China Virtual Forum will bring together leading fund managers, institutional investors, and industry players from across the globe to connect on a fully interactive digital platform, transcending borders and time zones. This two-day conference will delve into the changing Chinese private equity and venture capital landscape and provide attendees with the knowledge and contacts necessary to invest in the rebound of China.

Through interactive panel discussions, interviews, presentations, and live Q&A sessions, this virtual forum will keep delegates up to date with the latest economic and policy developments in China, as well as reveal the opportunities arising from the current market dynamics and the strategies needed to maximise returns.

As with our physical AVCJ Forums, this digital event will encourage thought-provoking discussions, collaboration, and networking between 30+ speakers and 700+ attendees, including 200+ LPs – all from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your computer or mobile device.

Why attend?

  • Network with attendees in real time and make meaningful connections virtually through meetings, live polls and Q&A
  • Debate the next growth engine for China’s economy, as well as discuss the role of private equity in the economic transition
  • Hear from some of the world’s leading GPs and LPs as they share examples of successful strategies used to navigate the current crisis
  • Deep dive into the evolving opportunities and challenges of investing in China today
  • Gain insights from global and regional LPs on their views of China within a global portfolio
  • Assess the exit and IPO outlook for Chinese companies in 2021 and beyond

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