Programme Day 1

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  • Wednesday, 28th February 2018

  • 15.00

    Limited Partners’ Session (invitation only)

    Participants will have the opportunity to hear first-hand about PE investing from their peers – many of whom have decades of experience investing in global markets and working with a diverse range of GPs, in a confidential setting. The session will feature presentations by senior industry professionals, followed by an interactive roundtable discussion on topics key to the LP community, including:

    • To what extend should the rise of disruptive technologies impact portfolio construction?
    • How should LPs view the GP bifurcation of products, and when does this pose a conflict of interest?
    • How to invest: Big buyout or modest mid-cap? Regional or country specific? Niche or generalist?
    • What questions do LPs now ask GPs that they didn’t ask before?
    • How are LPs managing RG97 requirements?
    • What are the prospects of new funds, especially spinouts?
    • Should GPs disclose returns excluding the effect of subscription lines?