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  • Wednesday, 6 March 2019

  • 08:30

    Limited partners' session (invitation only)

    This session offers participants the opportunity to hear first-hand about PE investing from their peers, many of whom have decades of experience investing in global markets and working with GPs, in a confidential setting. Attendance is open to LPs with current commitments in the alternatives space as well as to those currently not allocating but who wish to find out more about the industry. The session includes presentations, insightful case studies, and practical discussions.

    • Which sectors and geographies are most interesting to LPs?
    • What are the merits of multi-product GPs versus specialist GPs?
    • How are LPs building in-house teams that work alongside GPs?
    • How effectively can Australian LPs source and execute co-investment? 
    • Is the fund-of-funds model evolving to meet the needs of Australian LPs? 
    • How are investment teams justifying the PE model to their trustees?

    Presentation: The Resilience of the Private Equity Model
    Jon Freeman, Partner, COLLER CAPITAL

    Panel discussion:
    Moderated by: Tim Burroughs, Managing Editor, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL
    Jenny Newmarch, Portfolio Manager - Private Equity, FIRST STATE SUPER
    Marcus Simpson, Global Head of Private Equity, QIC
    Suzanne Tavill, Managing Director, STEPSTONE

  • 10:00

    Registration and networking coffee break

  • 10:30

    Opening keynote address: Global investing in turbulent times – how are we positioning portfolios for the future?

    Jonathan Armitage, Chief Investment Officer, MLC

  • 11:00

    Global outlook: Alternatives in 2019 and beyond

    Uncertainty clouds the global economy, from trade tensions to fears of an impending valuation correction. Concerns are accentuated by the amount of capital flowing into private markets, which has given rise to ever larger fund sizes, record levels of dry powder, and escalating valuations. In these conditions, investors must be thoughtful as to the potential scenarios for existing and future investments, and able to respond decisively to new developments. Our panel takes the temperature of the market.

    • What are the most significant macroeconomic threats?
    • How will the investment landscape change over the next five years?
    • What can GPs do to minimize the potential downside?
    • Which segments offer the best value?

    Moderated by: Jon Freeman, Partner, COLLER CAPITAL
    Andrew Major, General Manager - Unlisted Assets, HESTA
    Wendy Norris, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Private Markets, FUTURE FUND
    Nitan Pathak, Head of Unit Institutional Clients Relationship, MENA and APAC Regions, EUROPEAN INVESTMENT FUND (EIF)
    Shannon Wolfers, Managing Director, PACIFIC EQUITY PARTNERS

  • 12:00

    Australasia: The new dynamics affecting the market

    Supply of capital is strong, and despite several changes in the GP universe and fund strategies, the size of the market is relatively unchanged, with a good spread of managers. It is fair to say that for GPs, flexibility is key when working with LPs, as they look for managers to be more creative with investment solutions, for example more co-investment opportunities to lower fees and as a return enhancer. The next phase will illustrate the ability of the industry and strategy – whether buy and build or platform investments – will need to deliver at exit. Our panel of investors assess the current state of affairs.

    • What strategies are GPs employing for investing at the various segments of the market? 
    • Will we see the IPO market open again for private equity exits?
    • Are more secondary deals expected in the current climate?
    • How are co-investment opportunities being structured and provided by GPs?

    Moderated by: Steven Shirtliff, Partner, KPMG
    Andrew Bullock, Managing Director, ADAMANTEM CAPITAL
    Andrew Gray, Managing Director, POTENTIA CAPITAL
    Simon Moore, Senior Partner, COLINTON CAPITAL PARTNERS

  • 12:45

    Networking lunch

  • 13:45

    LPs of the future: The Superannuation industry in 2029

    How will Australia’s superannuation funds be accessing alternatives a decade from now? Fee concerns have dominated the debate among institutional investors as to how they get exposure to private market assets. Given the expected consolidation of the superannuation industry, it remains to be seen how this debate evolves. Some groups are already building up internal teams and becoming more active direct investors, while others are not even contemplating such strategies. Our experts examine the likely outcomes.

    • What are the major obstacles to creating internal PE teams?
    • Will LPs become less dependent on external managers?
    • How are advisory relationships already evolving?
    • To what extent could superannuation funds emulate the Canadian model?

    Moderated by: Ken Licence, Managing Director, PRINCIPLE ADVISORY SERVICES
    Alicia Gregory, Head of Private Equity, MLC
    James Lilico, Portfolio Manager - Private Markets, SUNSUPER
    David Simons, Co-Founder, POTENTUM PARTNERS
    Marcus Simpson, Global Head of Private Equity, QIC

  • 14:30

    Presentation: The Resilience of the Private Equity Model

    Jon Freeman, Partner, COLLER CAPITAL

  • 15:15

    Networking coffee break

  • 15:45

    From Australia to Asia: Targeting regional expansion

    Stronger trade and investment links between Australia and the broader Asian region have opened up new opportunities for private equity. Cross-border expansion isn’t an option for every company, but it is increasingly part of the value creation plan for domestic GPs. As demonstrated by several recent exits, Australian businesses that have a proven applicability in other markets can command a premium, with pan-regional private equity firms and Asian strategic players vying for such assets. Our panelists offer insights into this strategy.

    • Which sectors are best suited for Asian expansion?
    • What execution challenges does an Australian GP face when taking a company overseas?
    • What is industry best practice in terms of identifying and engaging with prospective Asian buyers?
    • Are secondary buyouts becoming more prevalent in Australian private equity?

    Moderated by: David Willis, Partner – Transaction Services, National Head of Private Equity, KPMG
    Thomas Lanyi, Managing Director, CDH INVESTMENTS
    Philip Latham, Partner and Leader of the Australian Office, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
    Justin Ryan, Managing Partner, QUADRANT PRIVATE EQUITY

  • 16:30

    Internal innovation: How GPs are evolving to stay competitive

    Private equity strategies develop over time in response to shifts in market dynamics, the emergence of new investment themes, and the evolving needs of portfolio companies. There is no single optimal solution. Changing fund size and structure, recruiting internal talent to ease reliance on external service providers, internal restructuring to address certain sectors more effectively – there are a multitude of ways to try and stay ahead of the game. Our panel discusses industry best practices.

    • How are GPs building up sector and functional expertise?
    • In what ways has technology been a game-changer?
    • How are approaches to mid-office and back-office activities changing?
    • To what extent is the private equity model becoming more flexible?

    Moderated by: Alex Wilmerding, Partner, PANTHEON VENTURES
    Adrian Kerley, Executive Director, Private Equity, IFM INVESTORS
    Chester Moynihan, Managing Director, ALLEGRO FUNDS
    John White, Partner, NEXT CAPITAL

  • 17:15

    Close of day 1 conference

  • 18:15

    2019 AVCJ Gala Dinner - in partnership with AVCAL

    Bringing together industry leaders and business stakeholders, in partnership with AVCAL will see more than 400 people take part in this major private equity and venture capital industry gathering.
    (Venue: Grand Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Sydney) 

    Dinner speakers:
    Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham
    The Hon. Peter Collins, AM QC

    Deborah Knight, MC, CHANNEL NINE