November 2013 Venture Capital Summit Agenda
Tuesday, 12 November 2013
08:00 Registration and refreshments
08:45 Opening remarks
08:50 Economist briefing (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)
Grace Ng, Senior China Economist, JPMORGAN
09:15 Asian private equity: View from the top (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)
  • How is Asian private equity performing in 2013 and how are issues with valuations, exits and fundraising affecting the industry?
  • Which sectors are going to be making the news for private equity deals over the next 12 months?
  • Will fluctuating Asian currencies derail markets such as Indonesia and India? What are GPs doing to hedge against such risks?
  • How is accessible financing effecting private equity?
  • Will private debt and other non-traditional private equity offerings become standard issue?
  • How is the lack of exits in Asia affecting LPs view’s on the region?

Moderated by: Marshall W. Parke, Managing Partner, LEXINGTON PARTNERS
Yoshito Hori, Managing Partner, GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS
H. Chin Chou, Chief Executive Officer, MORGAN STANLEY PRIVATE EQUITY ASIA
Nicholas Bloy, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, NAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS

10:05 Executive address
Mark Carnegie, Principal & Managing Director, M.H. CARNEGIE & CO.
10:35 Networking coffee break
11:00 The rise of early stage investment
  • How do Asian venture capital firms’ view pre-revenue vs. early revenue investments?
  • What effect is the return of angel investors and incubators having on the industry?
  • How do you go from a local startup to a multinational corporation?
  • Does Asia have sufficient innovative/entrepreneurial talent to fuel its innovation growth? Where are these people to be found and how can they be engaged?
  • Is the emergence of full service venture capital firms, micro venture fund managers, incubators, crowd funding and ‘first-time’ funds transforming the industry?

Moderated by: Ben Qiu, Associate, COOLEY LLP
Chuan Thor, Managing Director, HIGHLAND CAPITAL PARTNERS (CHINA)
Frederic de Bure, Venture Partner, IDG VENTURES VIETNAM
James Mi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, LIGHTSPEED CHINA PARTNERS
Richard Liu, Managing Director, MORNINGSIDE VENTURE CAPITAL

11:45 The emergence of corporate venture capital in Asia
  • How can corporates establish a robust VC value proposition for investee companies to compete with the established traditional players?
  • What cooperation and partnerships have corporates formed with venture capital firms and how does this work in practice?
  • Do entrepreneurs understand the investment philosophy of a corporate venture capital firm and in reality is it viewed as an M&A transaction?
  • What lessons can be learnt from US counterparts who have a more mature corporate venture capital landscape?

Moderated by: Christina Zhang, Partner, COOLEY LLP
Wei Hopeman, Managing Director, Head of Asia, CITI VENTURES
Tony Kwan, Director, INTEL CAPITAL
Matthew Koertge, Managing Director, TELSTRA VENTURES

12:30 Executive address (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)
Weijian Shan, Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, PAG
13:00 Networking lunch
14:00 Finding the next big global innovation 
  • Which technology trends should venture capital firms watch out for in the coming year?
  • Do you have to experiment and try new methods to uncover the next big thing?
  • Can Asia be at the forefront of innovation or will it continue to follow the trends from the West?
  • Will enterprise software and cloud computing be the sectors where innovations is most likely to emerge?
  • Can crowdfunding help venture capital firms identify the best investment ideas?

Moderated by: James Boettcher, General Partner, FOCUS VENTURES
Rui Ma, Venture Partner, 500 STARTUPS
Chris Evdemon, Partner, Innovation Works
David Yuan, Partner, REDPOINT

14:45 Getting to the Exits – How venture capital firms will turn potential into profit
  • Which venture-backed sectors are likely to see better exit opportunities over the coming years?
  • Are the IPO markets going to rebound for venture backed companies? 
  • Could secondary markets become a valid exit option for venture capital funds? 
  • Will the entrance of offshore corporates into Asia, particularly China, provide more exit options?
  • How do venture capital firms minimise loss from the investments that failed to launch?

Moderated by: James Lu, Senior Business Attorney, COOLEY LLP
Bo Feng, Managing Partner, CEYUAN VENTURES
Henry H. Wong, Managing Director, GARAGE TECHNOLOGY VENTURES LLC

15:30 Venture capital fundraising: LPs perspective of the industry
  •  What sectors do LPs prefer and are they more interested in early or later stage funds?
  • What are common mistakes made by GPs when meeting with prospective LPs?
  • What kind of information do LPs want to see in a neatly organised due diligence packet?
  • How do you present the track record?
  • Do Asian firms increasingly have to look to the US for investment?
  • What impact has slowdown in VC deals over the last 18 months had on fundraising and LPs interest in adding VC to their portfolio?
  • Has venture delivered returns in recent years?

Moderated by: Craig Dauchy, Partner, COOLEY LLP
Haide Lui, Vice President, HARBOURVEST
John Hsin, Founder and Managing Director, HUAXING CAPITAL PARTNERS
David York, Managing Director, TOP TIER CAPITAL PARTNERS

16:15 Networking coffee break
16:30 Where is Asia right now and how do you drive success? (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)
  • How is the Asian private equity model evolving differently from Europe and the US?
  • Asian growth versus distressed Western opportunities - What is the preference?
  • What trends are likely to develop in fundraising given the competitive and crowded space?
  • What are the ’value-adds’ GPs bring to differentiate themselves when the market picks up?

Moderated by: Lorna Xin Chen, Partner, SHEARMAN & STERLING
Nathaniel Childres, Managing Director, CHAMP PRIVATE EQUITY
Atul Kapur, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, EVERSTONE CAPITAL
Benjamin C. Gray, Managing Partner & Group Head of Australia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, TPG CAPITAL

17:15 The evolving role of LPs: Global and domestic LPs share their views on private equity (Joint session with the PE Leaders’ and Limited Partners’ Summits)
  • What sentiments do CIO’s and trustees have towards private equity?
  • What needs to change in the asset class: transparency, risk metrics, due diligence?
  • What are returns expectations for 2013 and beyond? Are certain vintages delivering better returns?
  • As LPs continue to develop direct investment teams and look at co-investment opportunities favourably, how are dynamics changing?
  • Are improving African and Latin American investment opportunities likely to change allocations to Asia markets?

Moderated by: Monte Brem, CEO, STEPSTONE GROUP
Thomas Kubr, Executive Chairman, CAPITAL DYNAMICS
Steve Byrom, Head of Private Equity, FUTURE FUND
Reijiro Samura, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, MIZUHO GLOBAL ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS
Spencer Miller, Managing Director, OPTRUST PRIVATE MARKETS GROUP

18:00 Close of summit
18:15 Cocktail reception

Please note, the programme is subject to change.