Limited Partners' Summit

Victoria IV

  • Tuesday, 14 November 2017

  • 8.00


  • 8.50

    Opening remarks

  • 9.00

    Opening Address

    Joint session with the PE Leaders' and Venture Capital Summits

  • 9.30

    Global turbulence, regional solutions: Asia PE update

    Joint session with the PE Leaders' and Venture Capital Summits

    Fund managers face myriad challenges, from geopolitical uncertainty to a low-growth economic environment to volatile equity markets. Success hinges on the ability to react quickly to changing conditions, whether that means tweaking existing strategies or rolling out new ones. GPs must also work harder to identify target investments, create real value, and secure well-timed and well-devised exits. Our leading Asian fund managers share insights into the current state of the region.

    • - Which sectors, themes and markets have delivered in 2017?
    • - What is the outlook for 2018?
    • - What constitutes a differentiated strategy in Asia?
    • - What are the key ingredients to real value creation?
  • 10.30

    Networking coffee break

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  • 11.00

    LPs on Asia: A long-term commitment

    With distributions exceeding draw downs over the past couple of years, LPs remain fairly bullish on alternatives in Asia. But what happens next? While the conventional approach is to invest through the cycles and pursue portfolio diversification in order to minimize risk, institutional investors are subject to a wide variety of internal and external pressures that impact how they address the asset class. Our panellists share their views on Asia.

    • - What are the best criteria for selecting GPs and tracking performance?
    • - What are the prospects of new funds, especially spinouts?
    • - Which are the most interesting sectors, regions and strategies?
    • - Have LPs adjusted their expectations for returns from Asia?
  • 11.45

    Portfolio management: Establishing best practice

    Effective portfolio management is an essential part of any alternatives programme, particularly when building exposure to Asia’s varied markets. The starting point is considered manager selection, underpinned by thorough due diligence, but this remains a challenge for international LPs with limited resources and little or no on-the-ground presence. Should they be staffing up or is a strong stable of third-party advisors sufficient? Our speakers share their tips on managing an Asian portfolio.

    • - What is the right balance of managers in an Asian portfolio?
    • - Should LPs be more flexible in their allocation mix?
    • - How important is currency risk to portfolio management?
    • - How responsive are GPs on fee negotiations and information disclosure?
  • 12.30

    Executive address

    Joint session with the PE Leaders' and Venture Capital Summits

  • 13.00

    Networking lunch break

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  • 14.00

    Hot topics: Roundtable discussions

    Join one of our roundtable discussions on key areas of interest for LPs. There is a discussion leader for each table and participants are encouraged to share their experiences.

    • - Co-investment
    • - Secondaries
    • - Credit
    • - Infrastructure
  • 16.00

    Networking coffee break

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  • 16.30

    Venture update: Mixed fortunes

    Joint session with the PE Leaders' and Venture Capital Summits

    The fortunes of Asia’s technology unicorns have diverged as the market has cooled - some continue to raise money at higher valuations while others have been forced into down rounds. Beneath these high-profile cases, VC is relatively robust across the region, with GPs building teams intended to provide deeper operational support to start-ups and a host of new LPs seeking exposure to the asset class. Our panellists discuss the relevant challenges and opportunities.

    • - What does value creation mean in a VC context?
    • - What types of LPs are investing in venture capital?
    • - Will there be more down rounds in Asia?
    • - What will the market look like in 12 months’ time?
  • 17.15

    Asia’s evolving PE industry: An LP perspective

    Joint session with the PE Leaders' and Venture Capital Summits

    Long-standing investors in Asia have seen it all over the years: from double-digit growth to slowing growth, from superior returns to liquidity crunches, from doubling of fund sizes to fund collapses, and from fundraising free-for-alls to a flight to quality. Nevertheless, as the industry continues to mature it is playing a more important role in LPs’ portfolios. AVCJ’s panel of industry veterans discusses the evolution of Asian private equity.

    • - Big buyout or modest mid-cap? Regional or country specific? Niche or generalist?
    • - What questions do LPs ask now that they didn’t ask before?
    • - Is the trend of consolidating GP relationships irreversible?
    • - How are co-investment strategies developing in Asia?
  • 18.00

    Close of summit

  • 18.15

    Cocktail reception

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